The Archvault is the communal shop in the center of the map. It is your one-stop shop for inexpensive consumable and very useful scrolls. The Archvault also has a very strong mana regeneration aura which affects any units standing nearby. This aura reaches to the edges of the concrete square around the Archvault.

Dust of Appearance (Free) Edit

Dust of Appearance has 1 charge which reveals any invisible units or heroes in a 500 area around your hero. This item is a must-have in any game with Wind-walk heroes and is also helpful against invisible units such as Spirit Hawks, Spirit Wolves, and Gamera's Ghosts.

Scroll of Roaaaarrrr (600 gold) Edit

Use the incredible power of roaaarrrr to give your units a significant attack boost. This will give all units in a 650 radius a 75% increase to attack damage.

Scroll of Darkness (300 gold) Edit

Covers the arena around the archvault in a thick fog for 60 seconds. This results in visibilty being decreased for opposing teams and the inability of your team to be seen on the mini-map.

Scroll of Speed (100 gold) Edit

The Scroll of Speed has 1 charge and increases the movement speed of all nearby units as well as the caster (it does not affect attack speed). Use it throughout the game to give your armies a major edge in flanking and retreating.

Health Stone (250 gold)Edit

This stone increases your HP regeneration by 1 hp per second. It can also be consumed for 900 hit points.

Mana Stone (250 gold) Edit

This stone increases your mana regeneration by 25% and stacks with other sources of mana regeneration. It can also be consumed for 400 mana.

Potion of Greater Healing (125 gold) Edit

This potion instantly restores 500 hit points.

Potion of Greater Mana (100 gold) Edit

This potion instantly restores 400 mana points.

Scroll of Saeki (600 gold) Edit

Teleports 12 of the player's nearby units, including the Hero, to a friendly ground unit or structure.

Scroll of Miyata (700 gold) Edit

Renders the Hero and nearby allied units invisible and increases their movement speed to the maximum for 45 seconds.

Scroll of Itagaki (500 gold)Edit

Allows the hero to invoke a powerful flashing lightning, causing nearby enemy units miss 75% of their attacks for 60 seconds.