Race: Orc
Class: Agility
Type: Hero-killer
Strength: 18 (+1.8 per level)
Agility: 23 (+1.6 per level)
Intelligence: 16 (+2.15 per level)

Cunning Hero, adept at quickly killing individual units and creating confusion among enemies. Can learn Mirror Image, Wind Walk, Critical Strike and Bladestorm. Attacks land units.

Spells Edit

Wind Walk Edit


Allows the Blademaster to become invisible, and move faster. If the Blademaster attacks a unit to break invisibility, the attack will do bonus damage. Wind Walk always costs 90 mana.

Level Backstab Dmg Duration Speed Effect %
1       50 dmg  20 seconds +20% move speed
2      125 dmg  40 seconds +35% move speed
3      200 dmg  60 seconds +50% move speed
4      275 dmg  80 seconds +65% move speed
5      350 dmg  100 seconds +80% move speed
6      600 dmg 120 seconds +100% move speed

Mirror Images Edit


Confuses the enemy by creating illusions of the Blademaster. This spell also dispels all magic from the Blademaster. Images do 20% of the Blademaster's damage and take 200% damage. Images last 25 seconds at all levels, and the cooldown is always 30 seconds.

Level Images Mana
1 1 125
2 2 125
3 3 125
4 4 150
5 5 200
6 6 260

Critical Strike


Critical Strike is a passive skill that gives the Blademaster a chance to do bonus damage.

Level Chance / Dmg multiplier
1 16% chance to do 3x more dmg
2 18% chance to do 4x more dmg
3 20% chance to do 5x more dmg
4 22% chance to do 6x more dmg
5 24% chance to do 7x more dmg
6 30% chance to do 9x more dmg

Bladestorm Edit


Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around the Blademaster, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy land units. Higher levels increases the damage and duration of the bladestorm, and reduces the cooldown.

Level Damage per sec Duration Area Cooldown Mana
1 110 dps 7 seconds 200 AoE 180 seconds 200
2 250 dps 9 seconds 250 AoE 160 seconds 225
3 420 dps 12 seconds 325 AoE 140 seconds 225


The Blademaster is arguably the best hero killers in the game. He is frail and easily battered, so staying invisible early is must. The mainline spell choice for him is getting as follows 1-WW 2-CS 3-Open 4-WW, CS 5-Open 6-BS 7-WW, CS. From there most continue getting all the spells leaving out Wind Walk. Some get WW only at level one and leave it there until level 17.


Most simply stack claws. Some try to use the Bone Chimes, but they are not as effective with the BM as they are with Jaood. Some also try stacking totems, but it is generally not the most productive strategy unless one makes a lot of gold early. As Illusions only benefit from boosts to the base damage and not from direct damage boosts, your best bet is stacking massive amounts of agility. If you are really up to make your bm cut through heavily upgraded tier 4, cursed axes are your best bet as they provide a huge damage boost for your illusions as well as attack speed, move speed(doesn't stack) and a massive boost to hitpoints at the cost of degeneration on both health and mana.


Though the BM is unbelievable at killing heroes mid and late game, he is very easy to kill himself. When you see a BM, think of picking a hero who has a spell that can either disable or reveal the BM, the Dino Din has both. As the BM's invisibility is everything, removing that from him removes him from the game.

If you have a hero like the Archmage or the Death Sheep, the BM has the opportunity to completely toy with you, and unless you are able to farm an enemy's base, you may as well quit.