Version 7.2 (no date) Edit

Just finishin up a few last things, but this is what I have so far. There were suggestions in so many places I probably missed some, so here is your last chance to get things in. Some things I may have forgot, some things I didn't agree with, but post either and I'll either change it or explain why I didnt.

Nerfed lower levels of molotov cocktail. also renamed it...
Nerfed banish slow on BM (and fixed the bug that lvl 2 slowed by 100%)
Very slightly nerfed flamestrike (made damage interval a tiny bit longer at each level)
Pheonix fire damage on falcon punch to 5/6/7/8/9/10
Holy guardian shadow wave heal from (75/105/150/200/300/450) to (75/125/175/250/325/450)
Falcon three bears have damage type changed from normal to hero.
DL's sleep cd to 10/9/8/7/6/6/5
Fishing Harvest duration increased
Archer hp and dmg buffed
Dott's attack and attack speed slightly buffed
breakers defense base increased
Ghouls hp slightly decreased
Peasants can only repair buildings now
Pally can no longer heal wards or buildings
FS lvl 5 Silence tooltip fixed
treants now autocast frenzy
Ohboy should be able to be targeted by spells (other than mana charge)
Frost nova range and cd slightly nerfed
Endurance aura (TC/NFA) buffed
Dino firebolt and ult cd decreased
AoV should not be hit by wisps any more
Wisp leveling up decreased quite a bit
Earthquake doesnt hit allies anymore, cd decreased, range decreased
Zoz buffed and lightning shield nerfed (mostly cd changes)
Countermage aura buffed and tooltips fixed (wasnt actually buffed last patch o_o)
Belt of Strength to 450/+8
Aqualung Aura buffed
Dispel Arrow should remove all buffs at lvl 4, 5, 6
Circlet to 125
Totem to 1000
Sobi to 400
Sniper bow does 2.5x damage to air
Trueshot slightly buffed at high levels
Slightly decreased range to berserker aura
Mid-level healing wave slightly buffed
Keldyn summons buffed
Aboms spawn to 10 seconds
Tauren spawn to 11 seconds (from 12) - attack slightly buffed
Serpent wards buffed at higher levels

Unit countering now goes Orc > UD > NE > Human > Orc

Assassin reworked
1- Silent Killer - short cd ww with a break damage and a very small chance to kill on break
2- Poisoned blades - poisoned orb effect
3- Death Trap - can lay down traps that stun and damage units when they walk across them
4- Doppelganger - creates a replica of the assassin. Any damage done to the doppelganger is also done to the attacking unit. Duration and damage return increases at each level.

Jungle Stalker tooltips fixed
TBG tavern tooltip fixed
Tinker Avatar duration tooltip fixed
Footmen regenerate hp at all times (not just during the day)
Doom Guard dispel hotkey to Z
Fixed wrath of tekpike so it isnt ever permanent.

I will arrange this better later, but I just wanted to get it posted for now...

Version 7.1 (no date) Edit

-Berserker Aura fixed
-Several hotkey issues fixed
-Creep upgrades now go to level 4, not just level 2
-'Allied to player 16' message is gone
-Hopefully the game not ending problem is fixed, but not sure on this one. Once we find out exactly what is causing it, I can fix it for sure.
-Stasis trap should work correctly.
-HP upgrades are a bit more effective
-Attack ups do 20% and lower tiers get a little more than before.
-Berserker ult attack is now working correctly - should attack 4/5/7 units at a time now
-GW ship does not give bonus cash
-lvl 2 mana flare doesnt affect your own units
-silence is working correctly
-XP needed to level is increased and fixed
-crypt fiends health increased a bit and collision decreased a bit
-Sharon's ult fixed
-Healing ward of the gods heals itself correctly

Version 7.1b (no date)Edit

1) Spasmic Heave works as intended
2) HP ups balanced a bit more
3) Grunt base HP reduced a bit
4) Duration of invuln potion decreased
5) CD of healing alcy healing spray increased - mana tweaked a bit
6) Factory and cluster rockets buffed (Tinker)
7) Scepter does 975 damage
8) Hunts slightly buffed
9) Bounties of units adjusted slightly
10) Removed hotkeys from heroes in tavern (I hate accidentally choosing a hero when I type)
11) Attack/Defense ups are available at 5 minutes
12) Choppers take less damage from wisps (it was silly that two wisps could completely counter an ult...)
13) Keldyns ult is preloaded (should eliminate lag)
14) Blades dont hit invis units anymore
15) Fixed backstab trigger
16) Firelord has increased base strength and strength gain per level. Incinerate now does full damage in an aoe and half damage in twice that aoe.
17) HCL fixed

Version 7.1c (no date)Edit

Beast - Summons two lvl 1 quills at lvl 1. lvl 5 & 6 quils have small splash.
- cd of stamp slightly decreased
Levia - Ult nerfed a bit
Halp - Zoz buffed a bit
- base strength and strength gain increased a bit
Nfa - ult buffed a bit
Tinker - rockets and factory slightly nerfed
Warden - AoV not immune...
FoK slightly nerfed (damage cap decreased)
Naga/Edge - electric backstab/forked lightning casting time decreased
CM - ult buffed a bit
- aura buffed
TBG - Made ice shards a castable spell that does several frost novas between hero and target
- cd of stamp slightly decreased
- aura buffed a bit
Edge/bloodmage/nFa - high level banish now slows units as well.
Masda - raven leap fixed
GW - decreased cd on ult and increased mine drop frequency
roar - stun duration should be fixed
stalkers slam fixed
Keeper - treants hp increased a bit at each level. Level 5 and 6 now have frenzy ability like quilbeasts
- entangle dmg increased a small amount and cd set to 8 seconds at all levels
AM - summon elemental buffed slightly
Curser - implosion can target creeps
DK - unholy aura hp regen buffed a bit
DL - vampiric nerfed slightly.
- infernal cd increased to 60/55/50 from 50/50/50
Paladin - Holy Light has an aoe splash
- rez to 80 secs at all lvls
Dino - aura buffed a bit

Made the jump between tier 2 and 3 and between 3 and 4 more drastic
Hunts can hit air
Decreased RPS from 150% given and 75% taken to 120% given and 80% taken

spellshield blocks heave now

Buildings grant XP based on tier

Here is the most recent changelog and credits/thanks. I will update it as things are changed. If I forgot anything or you have questions about whether something was changed post here and i will answer/add it.

Version 7.0 (no date) Edit


DH - Evasion to 10/20/30/40/50/60. Slight nerf to splash damage.
Naga - nerf to tornado. slight decrease in immo, decrease in move speed reduction and leash range.
Warden - nerf to blink cd to actually give a reason to max it (higher at earlier and lower at later levels). Decrease in maximum damage of FoK at levels 5 and 6.
Panda - nerf to breath of fire, drunken haze.
Potm - lvl 6 owl scout gives 4 owls instead of 2 now =p
Holy Guardian - Holy Grace hero duration buffed
High level towers have bigger splash and very quick attack
Falcon - Fixed cripple level skip
- buffed lvl 3 Ultimate
Pally - buffed Devotion to 2/4/6/9/12/16
KotG - lvl 5 treant hp fixed
Tortured Soul - Buffed Wail of the Banshee
Frost Sphere in the first spell position
DR/Far Seer - Silence now blocks ranged at lvl 5 and melee+range at lvl 6
Digit/Pit Lord - Howl lvl 1 decreased to 25%
Roaaaarrrr - ult no longer hits ethereal
Blademaster - WW move speed increased
Countermage - Lightning Storm no longer hits Dead Units.
Firelord - Volcano no longer hits friendly units.

NEW HERO (Berserker) - Blades of Fury - The Berserker pulls out a number blades and throws them at his enemies. The blades home in on the enemy and deals damage upon collision. Number of blades and damage increases with level.

Spasmic Heave - The Berserker grabs a nearby unit or hero and flings him away. The starting distance between the hero and unit is equal to the distance the unit will be thrown. When the unit lands, it takes damage based on the distance it was thrown and also deals smash damage to units in a small area. This can be set to autocast.

Berserker Aura - Nearby units are empowered by the strength of the Berserker, allowing them a chance to critical strike nearby units. Higher levels increase the chance and multiplier.

Enraged Wyvern - The Berserker summons his fury to transform into an enraged wyvern. The Wyvern has increased hit points, faster attack, and can attack multiple targets. Raising the level raises the bonus and the duration.

Unit Changes
Removed auto tier. There is still a delay for tier1, but it isnt free. Can be bought at 5 minutes.
Went through every single unit, creep, and summon and balanced the levels and experience given. This is balanced on the strength of the unit, the spawn rate, and whether or not it is ranged. Ranged units give more XP than melee
All melee given significantly more armor and a bit more hp.
Mana removed from units
Knights spawn rate decreased to 8 seconds
Dryads spawn rate increased to 8.5 seconds

Creep Changes
Spirit Link duration decreased
All active creep abilities have 4 levels that are latently increased as the game goes on. Level is increased at 10/20/30/60 minutes

Item Changes

Item cooldown adjusted for several early game items.
Berserker mask raised to 300
Circlet to 175
Speed Scroll - 2 charges 125 gold
Healing ward of the Gods now heals itself
Roar Scroll to 450
Nikes to 550


Gold tooltip (at the top of the map) changed
Thebiggame tooltip (at the top of the map) changed
Wrath of TekPike tooltip displays damage
Added information to ankh tooltip
Socks hotkey changed to 'C'

Gameplay Changes

Attack upgrade costs are decreased significantly. % decreased slightly.
Defense upgrades % increased at earlier levels
Some balancing to racial abilities.
Switched orc tier 1 to regular peons and tier 2 to grunts and balanced accordingly. Peons just seem weaker, so I think they should be tier1.
Heroes are now autorevived according to their level - Formula is 23+(lvl * 2) that comes out to 25 seconds at lvl 1 and 59 seconds at lvl 18.
Hero gold bounty is also dependent on level now. Formula is (lvl *25)+ 125. (For BillK and Ava it is + 425)
Adjusted experience given by heroes. Higher level heroes give significantly more XP.
XP gain range increased significantly.
You can no longer see enemy items.
Your base is repeatedly pinged if an ally attacks it and their units' attack and move speed is drastically decreased.
Tier upgrades now have a hotkey.
No longer a penalty for canceling upgrades.
ghoul summons gold bounty corrected
keldyn summon bounty decreased slightly
Adjusted the gold cost of all summons (this really just matters for sharon's ult)
Increased cost of golem to 4k and slightly decreased hp regen
HCL commands are working properly
W3MMD system is in place for stats and Frenzy ladder

Credits/Thanks -
Caddo for the w3mmd system
Masda for fixing HCL and other triggering issues
Paladon for the basis for spasmic heave.
Bark for being so cute.
Keldyn for testing help and for never finishing any spells.
Monkeyguy,go.footies,tak, massive-man, pisbol and anyone else who helped with testing.
Fox for being so isnane.

If I forgot anyone let me know and I will put them in here right away.

Here is an updated changelist. The new version is pretty much ready, but I will do some testing and we will release it very very soon. If anyone wants to test, I will probably be doing some tonight. (about five hours from the time I'm posting this). MSN me or pm me and I'll give you an exact time and place =p

Version 7.0b (no date)Edit

-You can now hotkey shops
-All previous bugs should be fixed

Version 7.0c (no date)Edit

-Berserker Aura fixed
-Several hotkey issues fixed
-Creep upgrades now go to level 4, not just level 2
-'Allied to player 16' message is gone
-Hopefully the game not ending problem is fixed, but not sure on this one. Once we find out exactly what is causing it, I can fix it for sure.
-Stasis trap should work correctly.
-HP upgrades are a bit more effective
-Attack ups do 20% and lower tiers get a little more than before.
-Berserker ult attack is now working correctly - should attack 4/5/7 units at a time now
-GW ship does not give bonus cash
-lvl 2 mana flare doesnt affect your own units
-silence is working correctly
-XP needed to level is increased
-crypt fiends health increased a bit and collision decreased a bit

Version 6.5 (no date) Edit

The map size is 1.7 MB. Everyone asked for a prettier loading screen, new icons, new spells, new everything, and a lot was added. So the map is much bigger… however, it is also optimized much better and you should not notice an increase in load time or lag. My load time actually decreased from 45 seconds to 31 seconds due to the increased optimization.

-tooltip issues should all be fixed
-Shift works correctly now
-Jungle Stalker level 1 Command Aura corrected
-Gargoyle duration fixed to what it was meant to be
-Ohboy creep now gains mana from the middle
- Awe aura now affects heroes
- Three Bears are harder to kill
- Issues with units dying as they spawn has been fixed. (I think)
- Falcon punch shouldn’t knock into the bases
- Tortured Soul and Curser have been removed just until issues with the new WC patch can be settled.
- A new HCL library was added for the bots. It allows bots to choose game mode. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry about it.
- There is a known bug about the position of lich’s spells. However the hotkeys should still be exactly the same even though they are not in those positions.

Dark Ranger
Black Arrow - summons reworked. Number of units changed from 1/2/3/4/5/1 to 1/2/2/3/3/1. Stats changed on units. Level 4/5/6 gain attack and defense ups.

Jaood - has hero damage.

PotM -
Owls - level 4/5/6 are now ethereal
Owl Scout now summons two owls at levels 5 and 6.

Falcon - RoF changed to Falcon Punch!
Transmute replaced with The Three Bears
Hex replaced with Cripple

Shock - cd to 10/9/8/8/7/6
Aura – Still 5/10/15/20/25/30 percent reduction on heroes.
Now 10/20/30/40/50/60 on units.
Lightning Storm – damage to 175/225/475. Cooldown to 150/130/110

Avalanche - Omnistrike - cd to 250/200/120

Roar- Jungle Stalkers - all levels of stalkers now have command aura - bonuses increase with level. level 3-6 now have blink - cd decreased from 30 to 15.
Increased slam dmg on Jungle Stalkers.
Stalkers now have fortified armor
Roar – AoE increased at all levels and unit duration increased
Increased cast range of ‘Hurl Boulder’

Assassin - Frost bolt dmg to 100/175/250/350/450/600
duration to 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4

Goblin Warfare - mine barrier cd to 8/8/12/12/15/15.

Archmage - Mass tp - units to 12/25/40

TheBigGame - unholy aura move speed to 10/15/20/30/40/50... renamed to Haste Aura

Dino - Renamed unholy aura 'Vigor Aura'

Death Knight - unholy changed to 2/3/4/6/8/10 regeneration

Metal.Bark - slam attack speed reduction to 30/35/40/45/50/60
AoE to 200/250/300/350/400/475

Protoss Warship - Hallucination now lasts 30/40/50/60/70/90 seconds on heroes
Cooldown is 40/35/30/30/25/20
Interceptor numbers now 2/4/6/8/10/15
Interceptor skill was reworked to be more effective

Firelord - Lava spawns 4/5/6 has a small splash radius... dmg % gets higher with levels.

Forced Taunt - Forces units in an AoE to attack the targetted unit.
Implode - Does damage to a target unit before the buff explodes and does damage to surrounding units.
Mind Rot - Targets an enemy hero and drains mana as the hero moves. The more the hero moves, the more mana is drained.
Mass hex - turns all enemy units in an AoE into critters

Holy Guardian
Holy grace - Regens a unit or heroes health and adds armor to the unit/hero
Frost tower - Summons a frost tower that does splash cold damage.
Divine Touch - A healing chain that bounces to several friendly units. At each bounce location, small AoE damage is done around the unit.
Shift - Increases friendly units armor and decreases enemy armor over time.

Tortured Soul
Wail of the Banshee- A scream that causes units in an AoE to have a % chance to miss.
Frost Orb - The banshee sends out an orb of frost toward a target location. Shards intermittently break off, damaging and slowing nearby units.
Summon gargoyles - Self explanatory.
Curse of the banshee - The banshee sends out a spirit to possess a target unit. The targetted unit is damaged over time. The spirit is able to split off after possession and possess nearby units as well. Damage and # of possessions increase with level.

Summon penguins - Sharon summons cute penguins to fight with her.
Awe Aura - Nearby units are in awe of Sharon's beauty. Their movement speed is slowed.
Bloodrage - There are certain times when Sharon is very angry and irritable. While in effect, her attack speed is increased.
Appropriation - Sharon loves money. When activated, she cleans the pockets of enemies, making an extra % of each units gold cost.

Bill K –
Changed model to Admiral Proudmoore in an attempt to make items stop disappearing. Post in bug section if this is still happening.

Death Sheep –
Random sheep now has 4 items slots; Picked sheep has 3.


Reworked damage to heroes. Melee units will all do full damage to heroes... ranged units will be slightly less depending on range distance, etc.

Flying meatwagons no longer fly. Collision size changed. and splash damage tweaked.

Militia and Knights buffed slightly.
Steam Tanks base dmg, attack speed and blink range increased

Night Elf

Chimera's are now glaives. Range/Damage increased, splash removed.

Crit Strike racial dmg multiplier to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5
Wyverns to Kodo Beasts.


Socks cd from 900 to 450
Changed cd of some lategame items.
Scroll of Saeki – units transported from 12 to 18
Drake Nest and Shinigami's Aura gold cost reduced to 4000
Drake’s Nest buffed
AoE of auto-salve increased. Now effects you and allied units (so you can get near any allied base for auto-salve)
Ring +30 replaced with Plate of the Stormlord - + 12 armor and 15% chance to purge attackers.
Added Staff of Revocation – Removes all buffs in an AoE. Contains 3 charges.
Added Circlet of Nobility - + 2 to all stats
Moved berserker mask to armor shop


Item carrying creep added.
Demo now level 6 creep
Changed faerie range from 900 to 750
K-Rose Invisibility decreased
Demolisher AoE increased slightly and are raisable.
Ohboy creep added – Has mana charge and Replicate.
Mana charge restores a unit or heroes mana by 200 over 5 seconds.
Replicate creates a single illusion of any target hero or unit. The illusion does no damage and takes double damage.

Other Changes

New loading screen.
Removed cross teams and reverse heroes.
Many new icons
Pocket Factory bounty from 20 to 20/40/60/80/150/150
Chimera of Wind bounty to 50/100/150
Avatar of Nature bounty 50/80/100
Keldyn’s skeletons bounty reduced
Reduced restock and pathing of wisps a tad.
Reduced collision size of some units.
Random heroes get ‘Ring of Courage’ (+1 to all stats)
Added additional Tavern Protection – you should not be able to get up there with any spell.
Any stray units of a defeated player should be removed immediately. There is no delay like before.
Added a Quest Log with basic a gameplay guide and a small changelog.
Heroes now start with 20% mana at the beginning of the game.
The game starts with 6 spawned footmen at each base.
-Repick command added. You can repick one time and it will replace your current hero with another random hero. You can only repick a hero if you have full health.

-Swap command added. You can swap heroes with an ally hero. Both commands are only available for the first 3 minutes.

Thanks to:

Masda – for being WAY better than me with the editor and making everything look better and run smoother.
Goblin – for lots of mapmaking help… and for disappearing for 4 months and reappearing the night before I release the map =p
Keldyn – for ideas, testing, spells, and figuring out all of the things that I messed up
Zodiax – for help with testing.
Pisbol – for help with testing (even though you picked sheep or jaood every game!)
Bark – for help with testing and ideas… and for distracting me by making me play every time I was working on the map!
Ohboy – for help with testing and ideas.
Caddo – for help with getting a stat saving system implemented and ideas for protecting the hero taverns.
K-Tof - for the loading screen picture.
Dickxunder – for Sharon’s sexy model.

Version 6.5 b(no date)Edit

no info

Verion 6.5c (no date)Edit

-Rod works correctly
-Curser and Tortured Soul added back - some spells are different.
-bug should be fixed where game ended if a player left during load.
- Slave cost to 50 gold
- Penguins armor increased
- Three bears are tougher to kill
- bug where some heroes only had one item slot has been fixed.
- GW choppers no longer get mana regen from middle
- Golem can once again be repaired by peasant
- Mine barrier cd to 8/9/10/11/13/15
- Flamestrike fixed
- Sharon attack speed increased
- pathing fixed (falcon cant knock anything off the map)
- soulburn and silence no longer disable item use
- attempting to repick without full health no longer counts as a repick attempt
- some tooltips have additional info
- Holy grace levels correctly
- Shift buffed
- Shadow wave buffed

- There is a known issue where healing wards will not heal a players second hero.

Version 6.5d (no date)Edit

-bug with invulnerables being undispelable fixed
-crashes are (hopefully) fixed
-drake nest stock time increased and leash distance decreased
-creep camp symbols should no longer appear on map
-nerfed range of implosion and made the buff more visible
-nerfed the damage output of frost sphere
-Mirror Images have inventories again
-Ghosts from Curse of the Banshee are no longer spell immune
-Shift increased a bit

Version 6.5e (no date)Edit

-Fixed crash bug
-Fixed Sheep/Ava Inventory
-Fixed Issues with mirror images
-Fixed some tooltips
-Devotion to 2/4/6/9/12/15
-Magic Frenzy to 15/20/25
-Tornado cd to 120/100/90
-AoE of shadow wave explosion to 150/175/200/225/250/275
Heal to 100/150/225/300/375/500
-Holy grace hero duration to 10/12/15/18/21/25
-ghost hp to 400/600/800
-Implosion range to 250/300/375/450/550/700
-bounties adjusted. Ranged units give higher bounties proportionately than melee units now.
-melee now has higher armor than ranged
-Appropriation to 50%, 75%, 125%
-Dudey cost to 350
-Initial TP's have no resale value
-Force of Nature buffed
-Shock range increased
-dispel force summon dmg to 40/80/120/200/300/550
-dispel force can now manually target invulnerable summons
-buffed Great Fishing Harvest
-healing ward bug fixed

Version 6.4 (no date) Edit

- Removed "etheral" tag from Mine Barrier mines
- Changed choppers attack to hero damage
- Replaced Keldyn's Meteor Strike with another ability
Shadow Hunter
- Serpent Wards have nerfed early/buffed late.
Mountain King
- Avatar duration increased
Counter Mage
- Magic Armor Aura now works on units.
- Increased armor for Roaaaarrrr's stalkers to 3/3/4/5/6/8 from 3/3/4/4/5/5. Higher level stalkers have additional abilities.
- New ultimate
- Mass TP cast time decreased
- Forces of Nature hotkey changed
- Flamestrike buffed
- starfall dmg increased at level1
Demon Hunter
- Meta cooldown lvl 3 increased
- FoK nerfed

- All Unholy aura's buffed to 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/6

- Reduced cost of tier 5 to 16k gold from 35k gold.
- stats for meatwagons changed to 125 base dmg w/ 2.75 cd
- stats for chimaeras changed to 160 base w/ 3.5 cd
- stats for steam tanks changed to 110 base w/ 2.5 cd
- stats for wyverns changed to 280 base w/ 6 cd
- hp upgrade improved.
- racial cost lowered
- Changed unit models for Militia and Peons.
- Breaker base damage increased to 23 from 20.
- Changed splash damage for Flying Meatwagons and Chimaeras to hit only enemy units.
- Increased gold bounty of tier 5 units to 65 + 8d3.
- Changed Orc damage against heroes to 75% from 100%

- Reduced cost of Scepter of Destruction from 1750 to 1500.
- Reduced cast time of Scepter of Destruction from 5 seconds to 3.
- Reduced cooldown of Scepter of Destruction from 45 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Reduced duration of Healing Salve from 60 seconds to 45; the Healing Salve still heals 1500 health.
- Reduced duration of Base Healing from 60 seconds to 25; the Base Healing still heals 1500 health.
- The Rod of Envy is now very persistent.
- Scroll of Town Portal! has a gold cost of 250 from 150.
- Reduced delay time for Ankh of Reincarnation to 1 second from 7 seconds.
- Increased damage reduction value of Berserker Mask to 7 from 5.
- Changed Bark's Clutch so that it cannot target mechanical units.
- Removed Mashiba's Eyebrows, Levias Nets, and Digit's Staff.
- Moved some items around.
- Added Healing Ward of the Gods to the Legendary Shop.
- Added Drake Nest to the Legendary Shop.
- Added the Searing Sniper Bow.

- Increased cost of chunsang, durant, and k-rose to 350.
- Increased cost of goatzilla to 325
- increased gold cost for dudey to 300
- Increased range of Mana Flare from 600 to 900.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against heroes from 50 to 150.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against creeps from 150 to 450.
- Increased base damage of Faerie Dragon attack to 6.
- Granite Golems now has Absorb Mana, which drains 200 mana from one unit under your direct control and restores that much mana to the Granite Golem. Absorb Mana has a cooldown of 40 seconds.
- Penguins have Hero damage type so that they deal less damage to buildings.
- Reduce the duration of Penguins to 90 seconds from 120 seconds.

Random Things
- Fixed the issue which caused the Phoenix to enter and stay in the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Arch Magi to Mass Teleport into the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Wardens and Edges to Blink into the Tavern area.
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams (top left team and bottom right team vs top right team and bottom left team).
- Added a function that supposedly stores the team number of the winning team at the end of the game.
- Added code to preload tier 1 buildings.
- Added a gold distribution trigger for players that have their base killed (also includes players who leave the game).
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams
- several spells now have casting animations
- several tooltips fixed
- added pathing blockers around all walls.
- removed the silly 'reverse hero' mode

Version 6.3 (no date) Edit

So here are the major changes made in 6.3.

1) Crow Throw - The main problem is at earlier levels. My thought would be to just reduce damage done from levels 1-3. Other ideas have been to increase the cast time (so you can move units out of the way) or increase cooldown/mana cost.

2) Scroll of saeki. It seems like all you have to do to win is get a scroll and tp into a base with mages. We could also just drastically reduce the number (maybe to one unit group) so it can be used for surrounds and such.

3) Mages - Probably the biggest imbalance right now. Damage needs to be balanced and the racial needs to be fixed.

4) Racials - Undead is really the only one worth getting. It needs to be weakened and the others need to be increased.

5) Berserker mask - Way too strong early game. Makes units do basically no damage to a hero. I would say either increase cost (maybe to 750) or decrease damage reduction (to 5?). I would prefer the latter.

6) Defense upgrades - Honestly I don't really care about this - there is no point in getting them now, but Im okay with that. Unless there are good ideas on what to do here, there will probably be nothing changed.

Those are the main things I can think of right now. I'm sure there are some others. I'm also sure that there will be the usual flood of "imba jaood" and "no dispel" but good players don't really seem to have any problem with these things. Feel free to add anything else you think needs to be changed....

Version 6.2 (December 2007) Edit

GENERAL CHANGES/FIXES: A new game mode has been added (Reverse Heroes) Observer mode on defeat is fixed Animate Dead/Resurrection/Phoenix invincible unit bug fixed Banish + Mirror Image Bug fixed A bug that caused more lag than usual was fixed

TAVERNS: Hotkeys for Random_Digit and Assassin in tavern fixed Sheep and Avalanche now disappear after 2 minutes in AR mode

CREEPS: Wisp restock time has been reduced, and maximum stock increased (now 15/6, previously 30/3) Goatzilla sound set changed to Sorceress


Human Spellbreakers base damage increased to 20 (previously 15) Human Racial Upgrade is now Evasion (10/20/30/40/50%)

Night Elf Druids of the Talon base damage decreased to 20 (previously 25)

Undead Skeletons base damage increased to 20 (previously 15)

Orc Orc tier 2 is now Peons Orc tier 3 (Raiders) spawn .5 seconds faster than before; now 9s (previously 9.5) Orc tier 5 is now Giant Peons (fkn original am i rite?) Orc Racial upgrade is now Critical Strike (10/13/16/20/30% chance to do 1.5x damage)


Human Archmage Mass Teleport Casting Delay decreased (now 5/5/5; previously 20/15/10) Archmage Mass Teleport Max units decreased (now 6/12/20; previously 50/100/999)

Night Elf Demon Hunter strength per level increased to 2.5 (previously 2.1) Warden no longer gains an additional Hide button when selected with female NE units at night Warden Shadowmeld tooltip fixed

Orc Shadow Hunter Serpent Wards cooldown increased by 2 seconds at all levels Shadow Hunter Serpent Wards duration decreased by 15 seconds at all levels

Undead Death Knight Unholy Aura HP regen decreased to .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3%

Neutral Alchemist Acid Bomb no longer reduces attack or movement speed (previously 10/20/30/40 at lvls 3-6) Alchemist Acid Bomb cooldown now 12s at all levels (previously 12/11/10/9/8/7) Alchemist and Gamera Healing Spray AOE lowered (now 250/250/250/250/250/300; previously went from 250-625) Beastmaster Hawk HP lowered at all levels (now 200/300/400/600/750; previously 300/625/875/950/1050/1200) Beastmaster Hawk base damage lowered at level 2 and 3 (now 20/25; previously 25/30)

Custom Assassin agility per level increased to 3 (previously 1.7) Assassin Dragon Orb damage increased by 10 at all levels Dino Din Unholy Aura HP regen decreased to .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3% Dino Din Hawk HP lowered at all levels (now 200/300/400/600/750; previously 300/625/875/950/1050/1200) Dino Din Hawk base damage lowered at level 2 and 3 (now 20/25; previously 25/30) Falcon Rain of Fire Mana cost increased (now 150 at all levels, previously 115 at all levels) Falcon Rain of Fire Damage decreased at level 1-2 (now 25/40, previously 40/55) Fox intelligence per level increased to 2 (previously 1.5) Gamera Healing Spray AOE lowered (now 250/250/250/250/250/300; previously went from 250-625) Gamera Turtle summons bounty increased (now 40/40/60/60/80/100) GoblinWarfare Mortar Combat will still give a short duration of slow after reverting to normal form Levia Movement speed increased to 300 (previously 270) Random_Digit now gets 3 strength and 2.5 agility per level (previously 2.5/1.0) TheBigGame Unholy Aura HP regen decreased to .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3%

Secret Protoss Warship buggy skills fixed Protoss Warship now much more difficult to random Strongest Man strength per level now 3 (previously 2.5)


Personal Shop Maul of Corruption cost now 850 (previously 1200) Shield of the Gods cost now 1400 (previously 1600) Tank Token upgrade bug fixed

Wut're ya buyin? Shop Bark's Clutch cost now 300 (previously 400) Digit's Staff of Preservation cooldown now 30s (previously 60s) Eyebrows of Mashiba charges increased to 3 (previously 2) Fox Frenzy Slam cooldown now 10 (previously 15) Jean's Rage Child Toss cooldown decreased to 3 (previously 15) Wrath of Tekpike cost now 200 (previously 300)

Weapon Shop Mask of Death cost now 1500 (previously 1750) Scourge Bone Chimes aura AOE now 900 (previously 1250) Berserker's Mask now decreases damage by 10 (previously 5) Berserker's Axe now cleaves 10% of damage (previously 5%) Berserker's Armor now returns 15% of damage (previously 10%)

Altar of Legends Claws of Ultimate Devastation stock delay and restock time now 750 (previously 1000) Cursed Axe of Slaying cost now 1700 (previously 2000) Penguin base damage lowered to 40 from 72 Penguin Awe Aura no longer reduces enemy attack speed Penguin restock time now 1000 (previously 650) Wrath of Takamura AOE reduced to 1000 from 2000

Version 6.1: (August 2007) Edit

- Attack/Life Upgrades now located on racial circle instead of main building.

- Racial upgrades now available at tier 1

- Ethereal bug fixed

- Animate Dead bug fixed

- Tank Token damage type fixed

- Penguins damage type fixed

- Statue autocast trigger area will be looked at/fixed

- TheBigGame Stampede now has a casting animation

- Falcon Rain of Fire now has a casting animation

- Acid Bomb armor reduction reduced to 3/4/5/5/5/5 (previously 3/6/9/12/18/25)

- Secret hero abilities fixed

- Bill item loss not fixed (no idea what causes it)

- Warden Shadowmeld hotkey fixed

- Flying Meatwagons now have 25 mana (previously 0)

- Faerie Fire hero duration reduced to 20 seconds (previously 60)

- Demon Hunter Metamorphosis level 3 cooldown/duration reduced to 45/45 (previously 75/75)

- Rejuvenation can no longer heal flying units

- Blank base damage reduced to 25 (previously 45)

- Demolisher now unit lvl 5 (previously 2); base damaged lowered to 50 (previously 81)

- Obsidian Statue Healing Touch range increased to 200, mana cost increased to 10 (previously 2)

- Obsidian Statue Spirit Touch mana cost increased to 10 (previously 2); no longer affects self

- Human War Training damage reduction improved to 3/7/12/16/22 (previously 3/4/6/8/10)

- Tooltip errors fixed on Gamera turtles, Falcon Hex

- Shops spaced apart more

Version 6.0: (August 2007) Edit

General New game modes added (selected via menu) - Normal - Random Heroes (Each player starts with a random hero) - Random Draft (Basically removes random heroes from the taverns, leaving a pool of 11 heroes remaining)

New alliance mode added (selected via menu after game mode) - NONE (3v3v3v3 like usual) - Top vs Bottom (Team 1 and 2 vs. Team 3 and 4)

New terrain added New loading screen (to be changed in next patch) Invisible units now give off Auras Heroes now start with 0 mana, and resurrect with 0 mana Map file size is a lot bigger

Tech/Tiers Tier buildings have different models Tier 1 is now free and automatic; there is no timer for Tier 2+ Beacons have been added to allow selection of your tier 1 race, and to switch races Race switching cost reduced for all tiers Beacons autocast Healing Scroll (can be interrupted) cooldown 10secs Racial abilities have been reworked Tech units have 25% more HP Armor upgrades replaced with life upgrades Weapon and Life upgrade costs increase with each level, and give more returns Tier 5 cost reduced to 30000 Undead Skeletons have been reworked (no unholy frenzy, bigger size, slower spawn time, more hp/damage, and more bounty) Undead Abominations no longer have Disease Cloud Night Elf tech has Shadowmeld instead of Phase Shift Orc tech at tier 3+ has Ensnare

Attack and Armor types have been revamped - Human < Undead < Orc < Night Elf < Human - Human does extra damage to Night Elf, but reduced damage to Undead. Human also takes less damage from Night Elf and more damage from Undead.. You can figure out the rest

Heroes New proper names for most heroes 3 All-new heroes

Human Mass Teleport casting time increased to 20/15/10 seconds; Invisible units targeted by Mass TP are no longer revealed. Avatar - Yields extra bounty of killed (like meta); lower duration and lower cooldown Storm Bolt - Lower stun duration at higher levels Phoenix no longer affected by healing spells Devotion Aura weakened at all levels

Night Elf Metamorphosis - Cooldown time on meta gets lower as level is higher Fan of Knives - damage increased by 10 at all levels Trueshot Aura - weakened to 10/20/30/40/50/65 % bonus dmg Starfall - cooldown decreased (now 150 sec at all levels)

Orc Serpent Ward - duration increased at all levels, mana cost increased by 15 at all levels Earthquake - cooldown decreased by 20 seconds at all levels

Undead Unholy Aura movement speed bonus decreased at all levels; Area now 900 at all levels Infernal reworked (shorter duration, higher base dmg, larger stun aoe)

Neutral Stampede - Cooldown no longer decreases at lvl 2 and 3 (now 180 sec at all levels) Alchemist - Increase duration of acid bomb by 5 sec at all levels Fire Spawns - Level 5 range increased by 100, lvl 6 range increased by 150 Charm - Has a small AOE effect. Cooldown 45/20/5 sec

Custom Dino Din - Ultimate model changed Avalanche - Critical Strike replaced with Omnismack Random_digit - Taunt now compels attacks. No longer heals the hero. Levia - Base movement speed increased Sea Elemental - Mana cost decreased Great Fishing Harvest - Cooldown decreased Ravage - Entangle now has AOE effect Assassin - Has a new skillset (Frost Bolt, Mirror Image, Searing Arrow, Animate Dead) Cattlebruiser - Now has Windwalk instead of Dark Pact Turtles - Now have autocast devour Falcon - Hex now the same as SHs Falcon - Now has Rain of Fire instead of Bears Bill K has higher base intelligence Stampede - Cooldown no longer decreases at lvl 2 and 3 (now 180 sec at all levels) Unholy Aura movement speed bonus decreased at all levels; Area now 900 at all levels Charm - Has a small AOE effect. Cooldown 45/20/5 sec Tichmeh Armorz - Has been weakened at all levels

Creeps No more food limit Brand new creeps Increased Healing Ward mana cost by 50

Items Removed Scroll of Beatings, Necromancer's Bidding, Healing Ward of the Gods, Giant Leg, Fast Wood, Flask of Soda, Cheese, Talisman of Evasion, Soldier's Mask, Sturdy War Axe, Warsong Battledrums, Healing Wards, Firehand Gauntlets, Scroll of Protection. Look for new items in the next patch.

Mana potion/Mana stone at middle has a 5 minute cooldown before being available Dust of Appearance = 1 charge instead of 3, lower range Speed scroll cost increased to 100

Bark's store: Bark's Store renamed to Wut're ya buyin'? Fox Frenzy (3 charges) - Slams the ground, slowing nearby enemy movement and attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds (does not affect heroes), cooldown 15 seconds; mana cost 40; 150 gold Eyebrows of Mashiba (2 charges) - Casts Cripple on target unit (hero duration = 7secs); mana cost 150. 200 gold Bark's Clutch (2 charges) - Instantly kills a non-hero unit; cooldown 60 seconds; 400 gold Jean's Rage (3 charges) - Throws a child at a target unit, dealing 200 damage; 400 gold (death coil range) Wrath of TekPike (consumable, 1 charge) - Grants immolation (same dmg as infernal cloak) for 20 seconds. Undispellable. 300 gold Barks Nikes cost decreased to 500

Weapon Shop Berserker's Blade - 5% (or 10%?) Cleave; 200 gold Berserker's Armor - Returns 10% of melee damage; 200 gold Berserker's Helm - Reduces damage taken by 5; 200 gold

Armor Shop Sobi Mask cost increased to 350 gold

Archvault Dust of Appearance charges reduced to 1, duration reduced to 10 seconds, and area reduced to 500 Roaaaarrrr Scroll now located in Archvault Scroll of Miyata - gives invisibility + speed (with roar scroll duration/aoe) 700 gold.. attacking breaks invis, dispellable Scroll of Itagaki - grants 75% evasion (roar scroll duration/aoe) 800 gold; not dispellable Scroll of Saeki - 1 charge of Mass Teleport 1000 gold Scroll of Darkness - covers middle in fog of war for 60 seconds 300 gold

Altar of Legends Scroll of Takamura - gives undispellable invulnerability (huge aoe.. like enough to cover all of middle) for 2 minutes 12000 gold; available same time as altar (at the same shop as altar) Altar - cost 12000 Tier 4 - cost 30000 Claws of Devastation - cost 3500 Cursed Axe - cost 2000 Fixed name of the Granite Golem (it was still called wendigo in shop)

Some random notes about the new version.. - Life upgrades when fully upgraded give a 100% bonus to HP. This means that you are not going to get much life from upgrading it at the lower levels.. This is likely to be reworked in the next patch.

- Racial upgrades similarly are more effective at later tiers, and not so much early on; this is something that caused a big delay in 6.0 and we decided to keep it the way it is now to speed up the release.

- Depending on how serious the bugs we find are, we will likely release a new patch in 1-2 months, which will probably include items to fill out the shops.

- This change list itself may be incomplete; our original change list got deleted when the forum was pruned, so yeah It should list most things though.

Special Thanks to: masda for much of the editing goblinwarfare for editing help tbg/fox for constant nagging and generally not doing anything keldyn and roaaaarrrr for doing the bitch work ffe-tekpike for some great balance ideas all those who helped by playing in our beta tests and giving feedback/ideas everyone who has waited for way too long :]

Version 5.3: (October 14, 2006)Edit

Creep Changes-

  • Demolisher hit points increased to 1000 from 700
  • Demolisher unit level decreased from 6 to 2
  • All Creep stock replenish times decreased to 20 seconds (previously 30-60 depending on the creep, 300 for demolisher)

Hero Changes-

  • Firelord Fire Spawn unit level 3 at all levels (previously 3,4,5)
  • Firelord Fire Spawn unit level 3 fixed so it's clearly better than 2
  • Serpent Wards not retard size now
  • Gamera Turtles have Resistant Skin at all levels
  • Death Knight Death Coil now 7s cooldown at all levels (previously 6,6,6,6,6,5)
  • Death Knight Death Coil now 800 range from level 1-5, and 900 range at lvl 6 (previously 800 +50 per level)
  • Lich Frost Nova Specific Target Damage reduced at all levels to 100/115/130/145/160/175 (previously 125/150/175/200/225/250)
  • Dark Ranger Charm cooldown increased to 45/5/0 (previously 2/1/0)
  • Dark Ranger Black Arrow mana cost increased to 12/15/15/10/6/6 (previously 6 at all levels)
  • Demon Hunter & SLB Immolation AOE increased to 160/180/200/220/240/260 from 160/170/180/190/200/200
  • POTM Starfall damage increased to 60/120/175 from 50/100/150
  • Bill K Healing Wave now heals 100/140/200/270/350/600 (previously 75/100/150/190/235/400)
  • Avalanche and Sheep now start with a Speed Scroll

Bug Fixes-

  • Fixed a Bug regarding Bill K's Soul Burn

Version 5.2: (October 1, 2006)Edit

Hero Changes-

  • Archmage Mass Teleport cooldown decreased from 20/20/15 to 20/15/12
  • Tinker & Metal.Bark Pocket Factory now has Spell Immunity at all levels.
  • Tinker & Metal.Bark Pocket Factory level 6 duration increased to 60 sec from 50 sec.
  • Tinker & Metal.Bark Pocket Factory level 4-6 no longer have Fortified armor, but have increased hp and armor (1000/10 and 1300/10 from 750/0 and 1000/1)
  • Bloodmage Flame Strike primary dmg reduced to 10/17/25/40/55/70 from 15/25/35/45/55/70
  • Bloodmage Flame Strike secondary dmg reduced to 2/4 from 4/6 at levels 1-2
  • Bloodmage Flame Strike AOE reduced to 200/220/240/260/280/300from 200/240/280/320/360/410.
  • Bloodmage Flame Strike cooldown increased to 12 sec from 10 sec at all levels.
  • Alchemist Acid Bomb dmg over time reduced to 3/7/10/13/15/20 from 7/12/17/22/27/47
  • Alchemist Acid Bomb AOE reduced to 200/220/240/260/280/300 from 200/225/250/275/300/350
  • Metal.Bark/Edge/Bloodmage Phoenix bounty increased to 200 from 25
  • Firelord level 2/3 Fire Spawns (the unit, not the spell) HP increased to 750/950 from 575/700
  • Firelord Volcano casting range increased to 1200/1400/1600 from 900/1100/1300
  • Gamera Turtle summon collision sizes lowered to 30/25/20/15/10/1 from 55/50/45/40/35/1
  • Gamera Turtle summons now all have Blink
  • Gamera Turtle summons Devour now has an AOE of 200 (previously 0.. This refers to the area the unit targeted can travel before it "misses")
  • Gamera Turtle summon level 6 now has Permanent Invisibility and Turtle Fire, a Phoenix Fire-like ability.
  • Paladin Devotion Aura armor bonus reduced to 4/6 from 5/7 at level 1-2
  • Superlanboy base strength increased to 30 from 20
  • Keeper of the Grove Treants no longer have True Sight at high levels.
  • Shadow Hunter Serpent Wards cooldown decreased at all levels (4/2/4/2/4/1 from 6/4/6/4/5/4)
  • Warden Fan of Knives Maximum damage increased at lvl 5-6 (6000/9999 from 2000/3000)
  • Halpmeh Tichmeh Armorz AOE increased at all levels to 600/650/700/750/800/900 from 350/400/450/500/550/700
  • Assassin & POTM Searing Arrows damage increased at lvl 4-6 (85/105/175 from 75/95/160)
  • Farseer/Assassin Wolves hit points increased at all levels to 300/500/900/1000 from 200/300/700/800)

Tier Changes-

  • Knights Collision size decreased to 18 from 32
  • Tauren Collision size decreased to 24 from 48
  • Abominations Collision size decreased to 20 from 40

Creep Changes-

  • Priest Dispel AOE reduced to 300 from 350
  • Priest Dispel Summoned Unit Damage reduced to 350 from 400
  • Sorceress Invisibility mana cost increased to 100 from 50

Item Changes-

  • Scroll of the Beast maximum stock increased to 3 from 1
  • Scroll of the Beast charges reduced to 1 from 3
  • Scroll of the Beast cost reduced from 500 to 350
  • Medallion of Glim cost increased to 350 from 250

Bug Fixes-

  • Hotkey issue on Banshee fixed
  • Devour hotkey now Z

Version 5.1: (August 6, 2006)Edit

Bug Fixes-

  • Fixed a bug that allowed units to blink or teleport to Tavern area.
  • Removed base healing animation (seeing as how it didnt do anything)
  • Bark's Shop acquisition range fixed
  • Bark's Shop item hotkeys fixed

Tier Changes-

  • All tier 5 cost increased to 40000 (previously 25000)
  • UD Tier 5 hp now 12500 (previously 1250)

Random Hero Changes-

  • Fixed Tooltip for Random Hero
  • Random heroes no longer receive Boots of Speed
  • Strongest Man Ever buffed to GOD status

Hero Changes-

  • Archmage Blizzard damage lowered to 150 per wave at lvl 6 (scaled down at lower levels; previously 280?)
  • Archmage Mass Teleport cooldown increased at level 2 and 3 (now 20/20/15, previously 20/15/5)
  • Brilliance Aura now only affects heroes
  • Levia Crushing Wave mana cost increased from 125 to 130 from levels 1-5
  • Levia Crushing Wave Final AOE and AOE now set at 125 at all levels (Previously increased by 10)--This is to make it the same as Shockwave
  • Levia Great Fishing Harvest Hero duration reduced at all levels
  • Assassin model color changed (or did i?)
  • Edge Electric Backstab 500 damage at lvl 6 (previously 600; it is now same as Forked Lightning)
  • Blademaster Mirror Image mana cost increased at levels 5 and 6 (200/260, previously 150/200)
  • Dino Din Firebolt damage reduced significantly, stun time reduced slightly, mana cost increased to 150 from 100 at all levels.
  • Phoenix level 2-3 Feedback removed (was not working anyway)

Creep Changes-

  • All creeps should have ZXCV format for their skills
  • Summon Turtles no longer takes up Food
  • Zeppelin no longer takes up Food
  • Peasants no longer take up Food
  • Peasant armor type changed to medium (Previously fortified)
  • Sentry Ward duration decreased significantly
  • Stasis Trap duration decreased significantly
  • Demolisher bounty now 50 (previously 130)
  • Demolisher damage dice increased slightly
  • Dark Troll High Priest, Sorceress, and Priest now benefit from latent creep upgrades
  • Druid of the Claw no longer has Bear Form
  • Hotkeys for Dark Troll High Priest, Zeppelin, and Peasant fixed
  • Shaman Bloodlust hero duration reduced to 12, unit duration reduced to 30 (previously 60 for both)
  • Necromancer Unholy Frenzy hero duration reduced to 15 from 45
  • Priest Inner Fire hero duration reduced to 15 from 60

Item Changes-

  • Healing Salves max stock increased to 6 from 4, restock time decreased to 4 from 10.
  • Scourge Bone Chimes life leeched reduced to 15% from 25%
  • Maul of Corruption armor reduction decreased to 5 from 10
  • Maul of Corruption no longer grants bonus intelligence
  • Robe of the Magi intelligence bonus decreased to 7 from 10
  • Medallion of Glim cost reduced to 250 from 500
  • Ring of Protection +6 cost reduced to 200 from 400
  • Flask of Soda cost reduced to 3500 from 4500
  • Magic Cheese cost reduced to 3000 from 4500
  • Giant Leg of Avalanche cost reduced to 3000 from 4500
  • Healing Ward of the Gods cost reduced to 6000 from 9000
  • Scroll of Beatings cost reduced to 2000 from 3000
  • Talisman of the Gods cost reduced to 10000 from 12000
  • Talisman of the Gods stock delay now 1500 (previously 2000)
  • Penguins HP increased to 10000 (previously 6000)

Version 5.0: (July 24, 2006) Edit

Base & Teching-

  • Removed Hero health regeneration at base.
  • Removed initial Scout Towers.
  • Added timed delays for teching: 3 mins for tier 1, and 7 mins later for each subsequent tier (this is a global delay and not dependent on when the player techs).
  • Added Tier 5 for all races (Chimera, Steam Tanks, Peons, and Flying Meatwagons) for 25000.
  • Riflemen range reduced to 300.
  • Team Rainfall added to Tournament Winners building.


  • Removed all previous spellcasting creeps.
  • Added Food Limit (3)
  • Added Priest, Sorceress, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Necromancer, Banshee, Druid of the Claw, and Dark * Troll High Priest.
  • Weakened Demolisher significantly.
  • Reduced Demolisher cost from 500 to 400.
  • Peasant now unable to build Towers.
  • Peasant cost now 300.


  • Boots of Speed give +25 to speed (previously +50)
  • Removed Jaood's Amulet
  • Potions of Greater Health and Mana cooldown increased.
  • Potion of Restoration removed
  • Septer of Shockwave removed
  • Removed Wand of Negation.
  • Scroll of Town Portal now 1 charge for 150 (Previously 2 charges for 300).
  • Scroll of Town Portal now at Bark's Shop (Previously in Archvault).
  • Healing Wards now have 2 charges (Previously 4?).
  • Scroll of Speed now has 1 charge (Previously 3).
  • Added Scroll of Protection to Archvault (+15 armor for 30 sec, cost 600)
  • Added Healing Salve (free).
  • Added Superlanboy's Staff of Sanctuary (Teleports user's unit to base, cost 200).
  • Added Root of Entangling (3 charges of Entangle, cost 450).
  • Added Boots of Haste (+75 to speed, cost 1000).
  • Added Flask of Soda (+15 to all stats, increased movement speed, cost 4500).
  • Added Leg of Avalanche (+25 Strength, increased health regenetation, cost 4500).
  • Added The Cheese (+25 to Intelligence, increased mana regeneration, cost 4500).
  • Added Really Fast Wood (+25 Agility, Bash, Evasion, cost 4500).
  • Claws of Devastation cost reduced (4000 gold, previously 4500)
  • Ring of Protection cost reduced by 100


  • Superlanboy, Metal.Bark, Levia, Assassin, Gamera added.
  • Archmage Blizzard weakened (lvl 6 now at 240 per wave, previously 400 per wave. Lower levels scaled accordingly).
  • Shadow Hunter Hex weakened (hero duration much lower than before- note that Falcon Hex remains the same as 4.2).
  • Shadow Hunter Serpent Wards weakened (Fewer created, lower damage/range).
  • Tauren Chieftain Shockwave weakened (lvl 6 now at 500 dmg, lower levels scaled).
  • Tauren Chieftain War Stomp weakened (Hero duration is now 1 second from levels 1-5, and 1.5 seconds at lvl 6).
  • Dreadlord Sleep weakened (Invulnerable time reduced significantly).
  • Dreadlord Carrion Swarm weakened (lvl 6 is 500 with 7500? max, lower levels scaled down).
  • Lich Nova weakened (dmg ??? from ???).
  • Forked Lightning and Electric Backstab weakened (dmg ??? from ???).
  • Keeper of the Grove Treants weakened (lvl 6 summons 9 instead of 15, and armor/hp reduced in lower levels).
  • Pitlord Cleave weakened (?? from ??).
  • Firelord Volcano buffed (?? from ??).
  • Warden Fan of Knives weakened (lowered damage, upped cooldown?).
  • Warden Blink weakened (mana cost 50 at all levels?).
  • Phoenix reworked (now summons 1 at all levels; health degen is reduced at lvl 2 and removed at lvl 3. damage for attack and phoenix fire upped at lvl 2-3)
  • Flame Strike AOE increased at higher levels
  • Howl of Terror lvl 6 buffed
  • Storm Bolt damage and stun duration reduced
  • Mana Scouts improved (mana cost lowered, hp increased)
  • Avalanche Reincarnation replaced with Critical Strike (Bounty 400, previously 1000)

Version 4.2: (February 6, 2006)Edit

Balance Changes in 4.2

  • All copies of Unholy Aura now have the same stats.
  • Jaood and the Panda's Drunken Haze has been weakened.
  • Death Coil's mana cost increases with each level.
  • Paladin's Devotion Aura improved.
  • Edge's Banish is now very similar to that of the Bloodmage.
  • Level 6 Serpent Wards no longer do Normal damage. The number of wards summoned has been reduced at high levels.
  • The spawn rates of several army units have been adjusted for balance. Grunts, Ghouls, Knights, and Taurens spawn slightly slower. Militia and abominations, slightly faster.
  • The Orc Racial Upgrade has a smaller base amount and a smaller increment per level.
  • Fiends attack faster.
  • Grunts' attack speed and damage slightly weakened.
  • The collision size of the Abomination has been slightly reduced.
  • Spellbreakers have an increased range.
  • Wand of Negation's area of effect decreased.

Bug Fixes in 4.2

  • A variety of tooltips were fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Strongest Man Ever would die before casting Call of the Gods.
  • Fixed a bug where one level of the Priestess' Mana Scout was weaker than a lower level.
  • Addressed a few exploitable issues with the experience cap system.

Version 4.1: (January 14, 2006)Edit

Balance Changes in 4.1

  • Bill K's Call of the Gods has a reduced cost.
  • Farseer's Earthquake area increased.
  • Shadow Hunter's Healing Wave now loses less effectiveness on each bounce, making later targets get more healing.
  • Paladin's Holy Light at Level 6 has half the cooldown but does half the HP amount in damage/healing. This means it does the same damage over time, but in smaller chunks.
  • All versions of Windwalk have a reduced cooldown.
  • Dreadlord's Sleep cost increased, and cooldown slightly increased.
  • All versions of Death Pact have the same cooldown at all levels now.
  • Lich's Death and Decay has increased area and reduced cost.
  • Priestess' Owl Scout makes 2 scouts at level 2.
  • Dark Ranger's Black Arrow can now benefit from ghouls with unholy frenzy.
  • Pit Lord's Rain of Fire costs 115 across all levels.
  • Falcon's Vampiric Aura replaced with Soulburn. Soulburn and Hex costs increased.
  • Tauren Chieftain's Shockwave cooldown fixed at 9 seconds.
  • Shadow Hunter's high level serpent wards buffed.
  • All versions of Hex have an increased range.
  • Naga's Forked Lightning has a reduced range but a static cooldown.
  • Firelord's Volcano buffed.
  • Tinker's Rockets have a reduced area, and Avatar is weaker.
  • Mountain King's Stormbolt cost increased slightly.

  • Dryad spawn rate adjusted to make them more useful. Dryads have reduced base range.
  • Glaives have increased base range and Heavy Armor.
  • Dryads get 1 mana for shifting, while Glaives get 2.
  • Army unit levels adjusted to make the amount of experience you gain from killing them equitable.
  • Riflemen have an adjusted base range.
  • Decreased spawn times for grunts, ghouls, and riflemen.
  • Grunts have slightly more HP, but are now classified as Level 3 units.
  • Spawn rate of all Tier Four units except glaives adjusted by 1 second.
  • Rock Golem has reduced stats.
  • Wand of Negation respawns slower, reduced cost, and reduced charges.

Bug Fixes in 4.1

  • A variety of tooltips were fixed.
  • Fixed Bloodmage's Flamestrike, which was inadvertently made too powerful in 4.0.

Version 4.0: (October 30,2005)Edit

New Features in 4.0

  • Ravage, Jaood, and Falcon have new skillsets. Ravage now has Mana Burn, Blink, Entangle, and Charm. Jaood has Bloodlust, Windwalk, Drunken Haze, and Vengeance. Falcon has Summon Bear, Hex, Vampiric Aura, and Transmute.

Balance Changes in 4.0

  • Various hero skills have been modified to balance skillset changes.
  • Panda's Storm, Earth, and Fire ultimate has a reduced duration. Ultimate's Cleaving Attack is

slightly weakened as is stun duration on heroes. Panda's Breath of Fire cost increased.

  • Keeper of the Grove's Tranquility weakened.
  • Paladin's Holy Light has an increased cooldown. Divine Shield has an increased cost, shorter duration, and shorter cooldown.
  • Slightly increased area of Archmage's Blizzard.
  • Beastmaster's Level 6 Bear now has a cleaving attack but a reduced chance to Bash. Quilboars no longer have Spell Immunity at Level 6.
  • Tinker's ultimate has changed to Avatar. Pocket Factory slightly weakened.
  • Demon Hunter has a reduced Immolation range at high levels.
  • Tauren Chieftain's Shockwave cost reduced slightly.
  • Warden's Fan of Knives is buffed slightly.
  • All versions of Summon Hawk have weaker level 6 hawks, but stronger lower level hawks.
  • Naga's Forked Lightning has reduced range, increased cost, and cooldown.
  • High tier Night Elf armies no longer have spell immunity. Glaives have increased HP but reduced speed.
  • Spellbreakers spawn one second faster.
  • Dryads spawn slightly faster.
  • Knights have increased armor.
  • Riflemen have increased range.
  • Creeps now have Normal armor. Hero-quenching skills have been weakened.
  • Pocky no longer has Silence.
  • Blank the War Golem has a reduced speed.
  • Goatzilla's Song of Power reduced to 35% bonus.
  • Bob the Newt's Lightning Shield effectiveness reduced. Ensnare has reduced range and increased cooldown.
  • Renegade Wizard's Purge and Brilliance are weakened, and he has less HP.
  • Jamie the High Priest's Firebolt has a reduced range.
  • Fun Masda and McNasty creeps have been added because they are fun.
  • Periaple of Vitality has been removed from the game.
  • Precept of Mana has been weakened to have 200 mana.
  • Rod of Envy cost increased.
  • Cursed Axe bonus increased.

Bug Fixes in 4.0

  • Multiple tooltips were fixed.

Version 3.8: (March 3, 2005)Edit

Balance Changes

  • Crypt Fiend pathing size slightly increased.
  • Banish (both versions) have an increased cooldown and reduced hero duration.
  • Bloodmage's Flamestrike has a larger area, but does less damage, with an increased cast time. It has been shifted to be more of a unit-killer than an easy hero kill.
  • Bloodmage's Banish has been rebalanced and can no longer be cast on yourself or your allies. There is no longer a movement speed reduction.
  • Blank the War Golem has been given a 75% Cleaving Attack.
  • Breath of Fire's cost has increased.
  • Alchemist Healing Spray has an increased range.
  • Panda's Storm, Earth, and Fire costs more and has a longer cooldown.
  • Tinker's Cluster Rockets have a slightly increased range and AOE.
  • A new item, Soldier's Mask, has been added, granting Evasion and Bash.
  • Necromancer's Bidding has 3 charges but summons fewer units per cast. Cooldown decreased by 200 seconds. The AOE has been increased.
  • Wand of Negation weakened so it is no longer the most effective way to dispel.
  • Periapt of Vitality and Precept of Mana cost increased by 50 each.
  • Note: There may be other minor changes not listed here which were completed prior to the November server crash.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Penguins of the Gods could not attack units.
  • Fixed issues with Alchemist's Chemical Rage attack cooldown.
  • Fixed several outstanding issues involving Bill K and his ultimate.
  • Note: There may be other minor changes not listed here which were completed prior to the November server crash.

Version 3.61: (November 21, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes

  • Backstabbers' Malaise will be reworked. If you attack an ally's base with units, those units will be permanently slowed by 40% (down from 90%). If you attack an ally's base with a hero, that hero's health is reduced to 5, but the hero is not affected by Backstabbers' Malaise. The minimap ping is still given to the owner of the base, regardless.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Bill K could not be banished or made invisible.
  • Fixed consume amount on Health Stone.

Version 3.6: (November 20, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes in 3.6

  • Liche's Dark Ritual cooldown reduced.
  • Beastmaster's Summon Hawk improved at level 6. All Hawks now do better vs. units and the same vs. heroes. Dino Din's Hawks unchanged.
  • Alchemist Healing Spray radius increased.
  • Alchemist Level 6 Chemical Rage improved.

  • Tauren Chieftain's Reincarnation has been restored to its original form where the hero revives immediately.
  • Mirror Image and Man in the Mirror have a higher cooldown. Images always take more damage than the hero. Level 4 Images now do 15% damage.
  • All versions of Unholy Aura start at 25% movement speed and scale up, rather than 35%.
  • Penguins of the Gods are available later in the game and do reduced damage to buildings.
  • Necromancer's Bidding now summons 75 units.
  • Healing Ward of the Gods radius doubled and cost reduced to 9k.
  • Slightly increased the size of the Team Shop Blink Area.
  • Renegade Wizard and Bob the Newt cost increased.
  • Most creeps are now available earlier.
  • Wand of Negation summons damage increased, but Orb of Static's summons damage decreased.
  • Rod of Envy is available more often.
  • Increased experience bounty of treants and beetles.
  • Frost Tower cost decreased by 50.
  • Spellbreaker's movement speed increased.

Bug Fixes in 3.6

  • Fixed bug where Panda Storm feedback was weakened in 3.5.
  • Fixed tooltips on Health Stone, Human Feedback, Incinerate, Cold Strike, Panda Pulverize, and Death and Decay.
  • Fixed bug where you could Rod of Envy yourself.
  • Improved trigger code in Call of the Gods.
  • Fixed scoreboard icons for HatoUP, Edge, and demon form Fox.

Version 3.5: (October 29, 2004)Edit

New Features in 3.5

  • At 20, 35, 50, and 65 minutes of game time, all creeps gain free latent upgrades, to keep them better in sync with the progression of armies. Melee creeps get hitpoints, attack, and defense, while spellcasters get hitpoints, defense, and mana. * Sheep Starfall has been renamed Sheepfall and now drops flying sheep out of the sky.
  • 3 Creeps will be renamed.
  • A new item, Healing Ward of the Gods, is available late-game. This 1-charge item drops a fortified 1000hp Healing Ward which provides healing to units in a large area similar to high-level Tranquility. The ward cannot be dispelled, and must be attacked to be destroyed. The aura lasts for 60 seconds.
  • A new item, Talisman of the Gods, is available late-game. This 1-charge item summons 12 Penguins of the Gods with 5 hero armor, 6000hp spell immunity and resistant skin for 2 minutes. Penguins have the Penguin Awe aura which makes non-magic-immune enemies nearby attack and move 40% slower.
  • A new item, Necromancer's Bidding, is available late-game. This 2-charge item brings 50 corpses back from the dead (a la Animate Dead) for 60 seconds. Units are vulnerable.
  • A new item, Scroll of the Beatings, is available late-game. This 3-charge item increases army damage by 100% for 3 minutes in a large radius.
  • If an ally directly attacks another ally's town hall, the hall owner gets a visual and audible cue, and the attacking unit is rendered useless.
  • Trick or treat!

Balance Changes in 3.5

  • The level bonuses of CattleBruiser, Ravage, and the Lich have been normalized against hero averages.
  • Bill K's Command Aura radius increased.
  • Bill K's muscles have gotten so big that he can no longer fit into zeppelins.
  • Firelord's Incinerate has a larger detonation radius, more explosive damage, and more damage per attack at level 6.
  • Firelord's Volcano has an increased cast range and longer stun.
  • Firelord's Lava Spawn have an increased cooldown.
  • Alchemist's Acid Bomb has a reduced cooldown.
  • Alchemist's Chemical Rage has been improved.
  • All Phoenix attacks now do 240 fire damage over 20 seconds, up from 40 damage over 10 seconds. Fire is greatly reduced on Heroes. Phoenix Egg hit points reduced to 120.
  • Panda's level 2 and 3 ultimates do Hero Damage instead of Chaos.
  • Edge loses his high stat bonuses, but has his bounty reduced to 250.
  • Dino Din's druids now have 800 hit points and 800 mana, up from 500/400.
  • High level transformation ultimates like Panda's and Demon Hunter's provide more experience if killed.
  • Random Death Sheep has two legs, one in the front and one in the back.
  • Avalanche and Death Sheep added to the third Tavern. Both disappear after two minutes as they already do. Both cost 2000 g. Ava and Sheep are also added to the normal Random Hero collection for the first two minutes. The fourth Zany Tavern is gone for good. Booty is removed from the game.
  • Priest of Protection HP increased to 850 and armor upped to 2.
  • Sea Turtle has been improved.
  • Abomination mana increased to 300. Disease Cloud does 22 damage per second for 20 seconds (reduced). Disease Cloud radius increased to 175.
  • Feedback on Spellbreakers and Knights improved to do 3 damage to heroes and 50 damage to units.
  • Per Level bonuses on Animal War Training are now +45 HP and +3% speed (increased).
  • Cursed Axe of Slaying drains slower and gives a 20% movement bonus.
  • A variety of item costs have been modified.
  • Wand of Negation now does 800 damage to summons per use.
  • 4 mana and health potions are now available at any given time.
  • Health Stones give 1100 health when consumed.
  • Radius of Scroll of Beast increased.
  • Initial sell cooldown of some creeps has been reduced.

Bug Fixes in 3.5

  • Fixed tooltip on Sturdy War Axe, War Golem, Invisiblity Potion, Invulnerability Potion, and Water Elementals.
  • Fixed Command Aura and Tichmeh Aura research button, Carrion Beetle and Bloodlust buttons.
  • Siphon Mana tooltip updated to show that it does not work on allies after all.
  • Animate Dead has been restored to its stats from before patch 1.17. Animated units are now invulnverable and (if they weren't magic immune in life) dispellable.
  • Fixed graphic colour for Siphon Mana.
  • Fixed Dispel Magic to correctly work on structures.
  • Fixed Knight Bash so it no longer works on Heroes.
  • Fixed Altar issue where Altar remained on map after casting.

Version 3.4: (October 9, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes in 3.4:

  • Windwalk and Moonwalk cooldown increased from 6 to 12. Movement % bonus will be fixed at 15% at all levels. Mana cost increased from 100 to 125 for Windwalk and 75 to 90 for Moonwalk.
  • Healing Spray fires more missiles of healing urine.
  • Volcano has greater damage, stun duration, and rock count.
  • Incinerate does more damage stacking per level. Bigger area and damage when unit explodes.
  • Death Sheep has been greatly improved by giving it "Taunt".
  • Animate Dead raises more units.
  • Crypt Lord's Level 6 Spiked Carapace armor bonus reduced to 20, but thorns increased to 225%.
  • Crypt Fiends have a smaller collision size and slightly faster attack speed.
  • Sturdy War Axe damage increased to 6.
  • Cursed Axe of Slaying now gives a 10% speed bonus rather than a loss.

Bug Fixes in 3.4:

  • Rewrote Tinker's Robo-Goblin tooltip to make it clear that you can get stuck in that form if you're not careful.
  • Troll High Priest is classified correctly now.

Version 3.3: (September 29, 2004)Edit

New Features in 3.3:

  • Added Team HeX to the Tournament Winners building.
  • Added a Medallion of Glim in honour of stezat who donated mucho dollars to site maintenance.
  • Added the Fire Lord and Goblin Alchemist as new Neutral heroes.

Balance Changes in 3.3:

  • Blademaster's Windwalk mana cost and cooldown increased.
  • Priestess' Starfall does more damage at high levels.
  • Keeper's Force of Nature only summons 20 treants at level 6, and has an increased cooldown of 30 (from 20). All treants do Normal damage.
  • Shadow Hunter's Serpent Wards are improved at levels 2 - 5.
  • Farseer's Wolves all have fortified armor. Lvl 5 Wolves have increased hit points. Lvl 6 wolves are spell immune.
  • TC Reincarnation has been reworked. At level 1, your hero reincarnates after 60 seconds with full health, and the cooldown is 90 seconds. At level 3, your hero reincarnates after 40 seconds and the cooldown is 70 seconds.
  • Liche's Death and Decay has a greater area of effect.
  • Crypt Lord's Carrion Beetles have slightly reduced hit points / armor at Level 6. Only 20 are summoned and cooldown is 30.
  • Crypt Lord's Spiked Carapace has been improved.
  • Crypt Lord's high level Locust Swarm does much more damage.
  • Crypt Lord's Impale area of effect improved.
  • Death Knight's Animate Dead now summons more units at all levels. All units are undispellable but attackable.
  • Death Knight's Death Pact has been nerfed at mid levels.
  • Pit Lord's Rain of Fire has an increased mana cost and cooldown.
  • Tinker's RoboGoblin is now Mechanical again (immune to most spells including heal) but requires a continuous flow of mana to operate.
  • Bill K's Call of the Gods is more expensive to cast.
  • Bill K's Command Aura has a slightly increased attack bonus.
  • Naga's Forked Lightning cooldown reduced.
  • Edge's Electric Backstab has a reduced cooldown.
  • Edge's Teleport has a reduced mana cost at high levels.
  • Ravage's Strike Oil cooldown slightly increased.
  • Ravage's Sleep cooldown slightly increased.
  • Jaood begins with slightly better stats and a better strength bonus per level.
  • Booty's Drunken Brawler has been replaced with Unholy Aura, named Feisty Cat.
  • Shadow Strike (both versions) does the same total damage but in half the time. Slow effect is increased to 75%.
  • Slightly reduced Intelligence level up bonus for CattleBruiser.
  • Slightly increased level up bonuses for Falcon.
  • War Golem no longer has Orb of Annihilation, but has better attack damage.
  • All summoned hawks now do Piercing damage.
  • Granite Golem War Stomp range and damage improved.
  • Pocky the Rat's Curse and Silence have been improved.
  • Ice Mage's Abolish Magic now does 600 damage to summons.
  • Avatars of Vengeance can summon a max of 7 spirits rather than 6. Spirits take 3 dispels to destroy. Avatars have Devour Magic.
  • Panda's Ultimate version of Devour Magic improved.
  • All Phoenix units have a slightly increased hit point decrease but better hitpoints and more attack damage.
  • Wand of Negation has an increased area of effect.
  • Sell cooldown on Rod of Envy decreased.
  • Cursed Axe of Slaying now provides +15 instead of +12 and costs 2500 gold.
  • Steam tanks attack faster and have slightly more hit points.
  • Ring of J33bus now costs 75,000 gold.
  • Abominations have an increased mana pool, which makes Knights more effective against them.
  • Doom Guards are not dispellable but Doom creates fewer.
  • The chance to random Booty is 1/9, up from 1/81.
  • The cost of speed-upgraded towers has been reduced.

Bug Fixes in 3.3:

  • Fixed bounty on high level summons to be more in line with their difficulty.
  • Fixed bug where wisps revealed part of Team 4's base.
  • Fixed bug where Servant of the Gods indiscriminately killed a hero if Bill K was already dead.
  • Fix learn hotkeys for MK Bash, CL Beetles, KotG Force, Dino Din Hawks and Doom Guard cast hotkeys.
  • Fixed tooltips on Goatzilla, Pocky Silence, and Devour Magic.
  • Fixed bug where Command Aura was broken by 1.17.
  • Fixed bug where Altar of the Gods disappeared before use (caused by 1.17).

Important Changes Resulting from Blizzard Patch 1.17:

  • Pit Lord's Doom now has a hardcoded maximum creep level. We don't know what it is.
  • Pit Lord's Cleaving Attack now works with Orbs.
  • Pit Lord's Cleaving Attack does not take Thorns damage from the splashed attacks.
  • Arrow abilities set to autocast now override Orb effects.
  • Spellbreaker's Magic Defense remains unchanged by the new Defend changes.
  • Siphon Mana has been reworked.
  • Divine Shield can no longer be deactivated.
  • Shadow Strike is no longer removed by Banish.
  • All Orbs now affect magic-immune units.

Version 3.2: (September 2, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes in 3.2:

  • Mountain King's Thunderclap cost reduced at level 1 - 5 to 125.
  • Tauren Chieftain's War Stomp cost increased to 100.
  • Demon Hunter's low level Mana Burn slightly improved.
  • Demon Hunter's Immolation radius slightly reduced, and high level cost increased.
  • Demon Hunter's Evasion slightly reduced in effectiveness.
  • Keeper's Force of Nature has been improved. High level treants are bigger and have Truesight.
  • Crypt Lord's Carrion Beetles have been improved.
  • Liche's Dark Ritual will have a reduced cost at low levels.
  • Liche's Frost Armour cooldown will be reduced.
  • Dark Ranger's Life Drain improved.
  • Dark Ranger's Dark Arrow creates ghouls at level 1 - 5 and abominations at level 6.
  • Dark Ranger's Charm slightly improved.
  • Panda's Storm, Earth and Fire cooldown will be increased.
  • Phoenix (both Edge's and Bloodmage's) does more damage with more splash. Phoenix fire affects units for ten seconds.
  • Tinker's Engineering Upgrade has a greater effect on attack damage at each level.
  • Jaood's Man in the Mirror has more images at low levels. High level mirrors now do damage, like the Blademaster.
  • Halpmeh has no health regeneration when ethereal, but better than normal health regeneration while corporeal.
  • Goatzilla's songs now have 50% effect and a reduced cost of 100 mana.
  • War Golem Devour Magic now does 500 damage to summoned units.
  • Scout tower cost reduced to 400. Scout towers now have "fast" upgrade options which upgrade 6x faster for a higher cost but more shoddy construction (reduced HP and armor).
  • Frost Tower Firebolt now does 100 damage and stuns for 3 seconds.
  • Dust of Appearance has 3 charges instead of 2.
  • A new item, Cursed Axe of Slaying, gives strength and agility bonuses but reduces movement speed and drains HP and Mana.
  • A new item, Wand of Negation, has been added, which functions as it does in a normal game. It deals 500 damage to summoned units and has 2 charges, for 500 gold.
  • A few new items have been added to the Weapon Shop.
  • All custom heroes except for Sheep and Avalanche are now classified as normal heroes. They cost the same as other normal heroes are are always available.
  • A fourth Zany tavern has been created. It only has Sheep and Ava right now, but will eventually hold new custom heroes and the handicap heroes. This tavern disappears after 2 minutes.

Bug Fixes in 3.2:

  • Fixed immolation on Dreadlord's level 3 infernal.
  • Infernal Cloak armor reduced to 5 as intended.
  • Fixed tooltips on Engineering Upgrade, Vigor Aura.
  • Fixed cast time on Mass Teleport.
  • Fixed item order on custom heroes.
  • Fixed bug where Rod of Envy did not reduce health.
  • Fixed a few issues with Bill K's Call of the Gods.

Version 3.1: (August 15, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes in 3.1:

  • Carrion Beetles and Treants are improved.
  • Life Drain is improved.
  • Owl Mana Burn is a latent ability requiring no mana. Owls can only cast it once but it does slightly more damage.
  • Goatzilla has Truesight, as another option to counter Windwalk. Goatzilla's Songs are improved.
  • Ice Mage Lightning Shield damage increased.
  • Dark Ranger's Charm cost reduced at all levels.
  • Edge's Teleport improved.
  • Panda Ultimate has been modified.
  • Dreadlord's Level 1 Ultimate improved.

Bug Fixes in 3.1:

  • Fixed hotkey for Ethereal/Corporeal Form.
  • Fixed Level Skip Requirement for Bill K's Command Aura.
  • Finger of Death is renamed Camato Yannon and has a mana cost of 300/400/500.
  • Fixed tooltips for Tinker and Dark Ritual.
  • Fixed bug where Engineering Upgrade desync'ed game.
  • Fixed bug where Bill K lost his inventory after casting Call of the Gods.

Version 3.0: (August 2004)Edit

Army Changes in 3.0:

  • Spellbreakers do slightly more damage and spawn faster.
  • Knights do more damage and spawn faster. Knights now have a 35% chance to bash, which only works on non-Heroes.
  • Troll Berserkers have Light Armor now, as intended.
  • Raiders have increased hit points. Collision size has been slightly reduced to improve swarming, and acquisition range increased.
  • Tauren Pulverize has a 50% chance instead of 25%. Attack cooldown made slightly faster.
  • Undead Slam duration increased to 2 seconds, slows attack speed by 80% and does not affect movement speed.
  • Skeleton mages now start with 0 armor instead of 2.
  • Huntress armor set to Medium instead of Normal to avoid confusion (no functional change).

Hero Changes in 3.0:

  • Archmage's Water Elementals do more damage at level 1 - 3. Mass Teleport increases in area of effect at each level.
  • Mountain King's Stormbolt and Thunderclap cost more mana. Avatar provides a smaller armour/HP bonus and has a shorter duration, but gives more bonus damage.
  • Bloodmage's Banish now costs 150 mana.
  • Blademaster's Mirror Images take less damage than the hero at high levels. Level 5 and 6 also do some damage. Wind Walk and Critical Strike improved.
  • Tauren Chieftain's Shockwave cost increased to 150 (200 at Level 6).Endurance aura movement speed bonus greatly decreased. Reincarnation cooldown decreases more with each level.
  • Farseer's high level Feral Spirits have been improved.
  • Death Knight's Death Coil now has a longer range.
  • Dreadlord's Level 6 Sleep now has a longer "untargettable" duration at the beginning of the Sleep spell. Infernal does slightly more stun damage upon entrance.
  • Crypt Lord's Spiked Carapace improved.
  • Lich's Dark Ritual has a shorter cooldown but returns much less health and mana.
  • Death Knight's Unholy Aura improved.
  • Demon Hunter's Evasion, Immolation, and Metamorphosis improved.
  • Priestess' Searing Arrows improved. Mana Scouts' Mana Burn nerfed.
  • Naga's Evasion sync'ed with Demon Hunter's. Frost Arrow and Forked Lightning improved. Tornado now has Immolation which increases in power each level.
  • Dark Ranger's Black Arrow and Charm improved.
  • Panda's Drunken Haze and Drunken Brawler improved. Level 3 Ultimate has an increased splash damage.
  • Tinker's high level Factory has better hit points and armor. Engineering Upgrade will no longer affect other skills, but will have a greater Tinker stats boost.
  • Beastmaster's Level 6 Quilbeasts are spell immune.
  • Falcon's Avatar renamed to Angry Falcon.
  • HatoUP's Frost Arrows renamed to Ice Shards.
  • FLSprozerran has been removed from the game.
  • CattleBruiser has a new ultimate, Finger of Death instead of Locust Swarm. This spell deals tremendous damage to a single unit.
  • Bill K's Unholy Aura replaced by Command Aura. Endurance Aura renamed to Vigor Aura. Bill also has a new ultimate instead of Reincarnation: Call of the Gods. This spell annihilates all units in a small target area, but also kills Bill K.
  • Halpmeh, a new custom hero, has been added with Tichmeh Armorz (Faerie Fire Aura), The Shocker (Chain Lightning), Zoz (Lightning Shield), and Huk! (Resurrection). Halpmeh can also become ethereal to get away from battle.

Creep Changes in 3.0:

  • Granite Golem Stomp will be improved.
  • Anti-magic Shell absorbs 1000 damage instead of 600.
  • Rock Golem Hurl Boulder has a lower range and costs more mana.
  • War Golem's Orb of Annihilation is stronger.
  • Ice Mage's Ensnare now works on heroes.
  • Dispel Magic only does 400 damage to summoned units (to promote the use of Abolish Magic and Purge).

Item Changes in 3.0:

  • Periapt renamed Periaple and Pendant renamed Precept. Initial sell availability lengthened (not available as quickly), and cost increased to 400.
  • Boots of Agility are now +6.
  • Scroll of the Beast has been improved.
  • Scroll of Speed has been improved.
  • Gem of True Seeing has been replaced with Dust of Appearance.
  • Firehand Gauntlets can now be purchsed at the Altar of Legends for 2500g. These gauntlets provide +15 armor and +15% attack speed.

Gameplay Changes in 3.0:

  • Reduced size of team shops and slightly increased base size.
  • Tier Two now costs 1400. Tier Three now costs 2000. People who tech immediately to Tier Three in the beginning can no longer afford a hero.
  • Gameplay movement speed cap increased to 500.
  • Gameplay UI will be the Human interface rather than Night Elf.
  • Fixed a variety of tooltips and hotkeys.

Version 2.3: (July 27, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes and New Features in 2.3:

  • Archmage's Mass Teleport is instantaneous at Level 3.
  • Achmage's high level Water Elemental does more damage.
  • Paladin's Holy Light cooldown increases with each level.
  • Mountain King's Thunderclap effectiveness reduced at high levels.
  • Blademaster's Windwalk does more backstab damage.
  • Warden's high level Blink and Fan of Knives have been improved.
  • Demon Hunter's high level Mana Burn has been improved.
  • Dark Ranger's Life Drain has a longer range.
  • Dark Ranger's Charm has adjusted "Creep levels" to account for the creep level changes below.
  • Random Death Sheep now has 3 legs, just enough for walking around.
  • Avalanche and Random Avalanche now have two undroppable ass cheeks.
  • A variety of custom hero spells have been renamed.
  • Headhunters now have Light Armor.
  • Dryads attack faster, do more damage, and move faster.
  • Spellbreakers have slightly more hit points and do slightly more damage.
  • A variety of Creep stats have been adjusted. "Magician" creeps do less damage. All creeps have a lower upper attack range. Creep levels are increased (providing greater bounties and experience for teams who kill them).
  • Treants and crypt beetles now give a smaller bounty.
  • All Phoenix summons are spell-immune to fix the "invulnerable phoenix" bug, but have a faster hit point drain than before.
  • Altar of the Gods now has Truesight and an 1800 vision radius. Cost has increased to 15000 gold. Starfall of the Gods still has a 5000 radius.
  • Ring of J33bus now costs 60000 gold.
  • If a wisp leaves the Hero Selection Area, it is automatically returned.

Bug Fixes in 2.3:

  • Player Has Left and Player Has Been Defeated messages now display when players have observer vision.
  • Blademaster's Bladestorm mana cost fixed.
  • Animal War Training now upgrades 10% attack speed at level 1 and 2% each level, rather than 2% at level 1 and 10% each additional level.
  • Fixed tooltips for many skills and some hotkeys.
  • Every 30 seconds, units owned by a player with no base are killed -- a partial solution to fix the bugs "Units reincarnate after base death" and "Players can buy new heroes after death by using their ally's wisp".

Version 2.2: (July 9, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes and New Features in 2.2: Heroes

  • Paladin's Level 2 and 3 Resurrection has an increased cooldown.
  • CattleBruiser's Cold Nova is now Cold Strike, which only affects the target unit.
  • Death Sheep only has two available item slots.


  • Granite Golem is not available until late game. Golem is now classified as mechanical, meaning it can be repaired but not healed. Golem no longer has Shockwave.
  • Several creeps and items have modified stats and an increased initial availability cooldown.
  • Tank Token damage reduced to 100.
  • Rod of Envy: Targetted heroes enter an uninterruptible magic-immune sleep for 2 minutes, and awaken near death.

Bases and Towers

  • Arcane and Guard towers have been removed.
  • Cannon towers do 100 damage and do not have mana regeneration.
  • Frost Towers added with cold attack, magic immunity, and a weak firebolt, useful for interrupting channeling spells.


  • Player names are colour-coded in game messages.

Bug Fixes in 2.2:


  • Sheep BBV was not supposed to have a range of 14,000 starting at level 4 -- it has been corrected to 1,400.
  • Avalanche does not do splash damage.
  • When an Archmage cheats and mass teleports a wisp out of the taverns, the wisp becomes vulnerable.
  • Units that teleport into the Laggy Hero Zone or Hero Selection Area will be automatically killed.


  • Headhunters now do Piercing damage, as intended.
  • Fixed hotkeys and tooltips for Blink, Critical Strike, Demon Hunter, Sea Turtle Taunt, Berserker Strength, and Frost Armor.

Version 2.11: (June 21, 2004)Edit

Balance Changes in 2.11

  • Initial sell cooldown of Tank has been greatly increased (15 minutes) and tank armor has been reduced by 10. Note that Tanks are only abusive against Tier Zero barracks.

Version 2.1: (June 20, 2004)Edit

New Features in 2.1 Heroes

  • Experience: Heroes do not get as much experience when there are fewer heroes on a team than there are players. Teching is still a good bonus, but it is no longer the best strategy.


  • Undead specific race ability is now a weak version of Slam (fiends, mages, and aboms). Nearby units are slowed but not stunned for 1 second and take 0 damage. Does not work on heroes.
  • Night Elf specific race ability is now a weak version of Phase Shift (hunts, dryads, glaives). All female elves still have Shadowmeld.
  • Enlarged glaive selection circle so it's easier to see which ones are in a control group.


  • Enemies who try to access team-owned shops will be teleported a short distance away, unharmed.
  • Amulet of Spell Shield can be bought at the personal shop for 500g. It blocks a bad spell every 2 minutes.
  • Rod of Envy now stuns AND banishes, to lessen chance of accidental death. Hero's HP is also set to 1 at the beginning of the stun period.
  • Tank token item will be created which summons a 40-second steam tank for assistance against towers.

Balance Changes in 2.1 Heroes

  • Level 6: Some weaker spells have been given a boost at Level 6.
  • Bloodmage: Has been modified positively and negatively.
  • CattleBruiser: Weakened stats and frost nova radius.
  • Dino Din: Attack cooldown and level bonuses slightly reduced. Endurance replaced with Summon Hawk.
  • Cluster Rockets: Weakened.
  • Hex: Weakened.
  • Metamorphosis (Fox): Weakened.
  • Paladin: Resurrection and Holy Light have been improved.
  • Holy Light (Ravage): Has been renamed.
  • Sleep (all versions): Strengthened.
  • Water Elemental: Buffed damage.
  • Feral Spirits: Buffed armor and damage.
  • Summon Hawk (both): Modded hawk cooldown/duration
  • Summon Bear (both): Modded bear cooldown/duration
  • Summon Skeletons: Replaced with Carrion Beetles which are magic immune.
  • Cleaving Attack: Buffed.


  • Rifleman: Now do Piercing damage.
  • Spellbreakers: Reduced attack cooldown and spawn rate.
  • Knights: Attack cooldown adjusted to prevent crackling attack speeds.
  • Huntresses: Now have Normal armor.
  • Pillage: Has been removed completely.
  • Race Abilities: No Tier One units have race abilities (Berserk, Cannibalize, Phase Shift, Feedback).
  • Magic Defense: Now grants magic immunity, but reduces movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, and makes the unit more susceptible to physical attacks.


  • Rat now has Farsight instead of Truesight.
  • Peasant availability will be reduced
  • Sea Turtle`s Mana Flare replaced by Mana Burn.
  • Boots of Quel'thalas now have +5 Agility and cost 350g.
  • Altar of the Gods will die after it finishes casting Starfall

Bases and Towers

  • Base grass has been modified to reduce reach of towers into central zone.
  • Guard towers will only attack heroes.
  • Arcane towers will no longer be magic immune.
  • Scout Towers will now cost 500g and take longer to build.
  • Guard Towers will now have 15% chance to stun instead of 25%, do more damage, and cost less.

Bug Fixes in 2.1 Heroes

  • Falcon's in-game name is incorrect.
  • Avalanche: Splash damage now works properly.
  • Bash: fixed tooltips at high levels.
  • Bloodlust: No longer works on buildings.
  • Fox (Demon Form): No longer mislabelled as a Demon Hunter.
  • Frost Armor: Now autocast.
  • Mass Teleport: Can no longer be cast on ANY unit in the Hero Tavern area.
  • Metamorphosis: Units in Demon Form now grant full bounties.
  • Summon Hawk: High level hawks now do Normal damage as intended.
  • Custom Heroes: fixed tooltips.
  • Farseer: Tavern tooltip fixed.
  • Naga Sea Witch: Tavern tooltip fixed.
  • Doom: Doom now summons beefy Doom Guards.


  • Animal War Training: No longer available to footmen.
  • Shadowmeld: No longer has a custom hotkey.
  • Race Upgrade: Tooltip shows current level of upgrade.


  • Cloak of Immolation: fixed tooltip.
  • Creep bounties accurately reflect their difficulty.
  • Demolishers: Demolishers now outrange towers.
  • Firebolt: Troll Priest and DoTT versions now show damage and stun duration.
  • Jaood's Amulet weakened.
  • Periapt of Vitality and Pendant of Mana: fixed tooltips.
  • Shield of Gods weakened.

Bases and Towers

  • Tower bounties are increased.


  • Loss Condition: Map reveal only occurs for players who lose, not the entire team.
  • Loss Condition: You can no longer buy a hero after you lose your base.

Version 2.0: (June 1, 2004)Edit

Version 2.1 was the first version of Frenzy to have an actively updated patch list. 2.0 was the first polished version of Footmen Frenzy to be released.

Version 1.9 A - Z: (May 2004)

1.9 A - Z were testing versions which added a majority of the custom heroes as well as the Goblin Tinker. A new version was released daily for about a month.

Version 1.3: (Late 2003)

In 1.3, skeleton mages ruled the game.

Version 1.0: (Late 2003)

No one remembers anything about 1.0 anymore.