Race: Other / Mechanical
Class: Intelligence
Type: Support
Strength: 15 (+1 per level)
Agility: 15 (+1 per level)
Intelligence: 25 (+5 per level)

Annoying Hero, desires to be more overpowered with subsequent releases. Can learn Battleship Operational!, Scout Bomber, Air Support, Overclock!!. Attacks land and air units.

Spells Edit

Battleship Operational! Edit


Transforms GoblinWarfare into a battleship. In battleship form, GoblinWarfare has increased attack range, access to Explosive Shot, which grants bonus attack damage and splash for mana, reduced attack speed and reduced move speed

The mana cost and cooldown are low for this ability, so transform to Shredder form if you need to escape and you can't afford to cast, or don't have points in Air Support.

Remember to buy items such as Claws of Attack +20 or Robes of Magi to increase GoblinWarfare's attack damage while in battleship form. In particular, Vampiric Potions are very useful for GoblinWarfare as they grant an attack damage bonus and bonus life leech for each attack. When used with GoblinWarfare's high damage output in battleship form, Vampiric Potions allow GoblinWarfare to restore life very quickly, and can also be used with Explosive Shot.

Battleship Operational! stats:

Level Range Cooldown Explosive Shot Bonus
1 1000 5 seconds +10 damage
2 1100 5 seconds +20 damage
3 1200 5 seconds +30 damage
4 1350 3 seconds +45 damage
5 1500 3 seconds +60 damage
6 2000 1 seconds +80 damage

Battleship Operational! costs 25 mana at all levels.

Battleship form has 125 movement speed at all levels.

Explosive Shot (sans Overclock!!) has an area of 150 at all levels.

Mine Barrier Edit


Summons a scout bomber that moves erratically across the battlefield and periodically deposits mines. Individual mines deal low damage, but the mines overall can become dangerous in crowded areas and against large groups of units.

Mines always deal damage upon death and never damage friendlies. Since the mines deal physical damage, high armor can greatly mitigate the amount of damage one takes from walking through a cluster of mines.

Mine Barrier stats:
Level Range Mine Duration Mine Damage Mine Area Cooldown
1 1100 5 seconds 30 damage 150 8
2 1100 10 seconds 45 damage 160 8
3 1100 15 seconds 60 damage 170 12
4 1100 20 seconds 80 damage 190 12
5 1100 25 seconds 100 damage 210 15
6 1100 30 seconds 120 damage 250 15

Mine Barrier cost 150 mana at all levels.
The scout drops 1 mine every 1 second at all levels.
The scout has a duration of 15 seconds at all levels.

Air Support Edit


Summons an Assault Chopper to your aid. Assault Choppers are extremely versatile flying units that can deal splash damage, but suffer from low durability (even at high levels). Assault Choppers can use the Cloak ability to escape or to gain an attack advantage over units without True Sight. Assault Choppers can also transport ground units and carry items (Assault Choppers cannot use items however).

Air Support stats:

Level Mana Cost Hit Points Attack Damage Move Speed Initial Mana Trans Capacity
1 130 mana 200 hit points 7-8 damage 280 move speed 50 mana 1
2 130 mana 250 hit points 8-9 damage 300 move speed 50 mana 2
3 130 mana 300 hit points 9-10 damage 320 move speed 50 mana 3
4 135 mana 400 hit points 13-15 damage 350 move speed 75 mana 5
5 140 mana 500 hit points 17-20 damage 400 move speed 75 mana 7
6 150 mana 650 hit points 25-30 damage 520 move speed 100 mana 10

Air Support (sans Overclock!!) summons 1 Assault Chopper at all levels.

All Assault Choppers (sans Overclock!!) can attack up to 5 targets within 200 range.
Air Support has a cooldown of 20 seconds at all levels.
All Assault Choppers last for 90 seconds.
All Assault Choppers carry up to 6 items.

All Assault Choppers have an attack cooldown of 0.65.

Overclock!! Edit


Grants a strong power up to all of GoblinWarfare's normal spells, and grants an attack speed boost as well.

Overclock!! stats:

Level Duration Mana Cost Attack Speed Increase Battleship Operational! Mine Barrier Air Support
1 30 seconds 250 mana 50% Improved Explosive Shot (+10 damage, +100 area, 0 mana), Burning Bolt (Prevents repairs, 5 damage / second, 5 duration) 2 scouts 2 choppers, improved Flak Cannons (10 targets, 250 range), Dogfighter (15% chance 2x damage, 15% evasion), +50 initial mana
2 40 seconds 350 mana 100% Improved Explosive Shot (+20 damage, +200 area, 0 mana), Burning Bolt (Prevents repairs, 10 damage / second, 10 duration) 3 scouts 3 choppers, improved Flak Cannons (15 targets, 300 range), Dogfighter (25% chance 2x damage, 30% evasion), +100 initial mana
3 50 seconds 450 mana 150% Improved Explosive Shot (+30 damage, +300 area, 0 mana), Burning Bolt (Prevents repairs, 15 damage / second, 20 duration) 4 scouts 4 choppers, improved Flak Cannons (20 targets, 350 range), Dogfighter (35% chance 2x damage, 45% evasion), +150 initial mana

Overclock!! has a cooldown of 180 seconds at all levels.

Tips Edit

GoblinWarfare's abilities tend to have some good synergy with each other. In particular, Overclock!! has a strong (if not forced) synergy with his remaining skills.

Battleship Operational! and Air Support Edit

The Air Support summon can be used to transport GoblinWarfare in battleship form very efficiently, effectively removing Battleship Operational!'s greatest weakness and granting GoblinWarfare a large amount of control over distances and positioning.

Using these two skills together does not require a full investment of points into Air Support; a level 1 Assault Chopper is enough to transport GoblinWarfare. The Assault Chopper needs to stay alive and near GoblinWarfare at all times, so it should stay out of fights which involve units that can fire back at them. When Overclock!! is activated though, Air Support summons additional Assault Choppers, allowing you to leave one behind for transportation and to send the remaining Assault Choppers into battle.

Battleship Operational! and Mine Barrier Edit

Cast Mine Barrier at the entrance of an enemy's base, then use battleship form to attack enemy units and make them move into the mine field. You can also cast Mine Barrier around GoblinWarfare as a partial defense for covering the dead zone while in battleship form. These two skills can have large damage output and area control when used well together.

Weaknesses Edit

Low hit points Edit

GoblinWarfare is a glass cannon; if used right, he can mess up armies and heroes very easily without ever being touched. However he has low Strength and very low Strength growth per level, so GoblinWarfare is particularly vulnerable to disables and focus fire, or to nuking heroes. This can be mitigated by buying durability enhancing items, such as Belts of Strength, Periaples of Vitality or Rings of Protection +30.

Minimum Range in Battleship form Edit

GoblinWarfare has a significant minimum range while in battleship form, so move close to GoblinWarfare to force him to retreat, undo Battleship Operational! or jump into a brittle transport.