Racial Edit

The racial for the human army is evasion. The stats and cost for this racial are as follows:

Level Effect Cost
1 20% Evasion 500 gold
2 30% Evasion 1000 gold
3 40% Evasion 1500 gold
4 50% Evasion 2000 gold
5 60% Evasion 2500 gold

Units Edit

Human units

Rifleman Edit

Level 3 (60 exp), 650 hp, 1 spawn every 11.5 sec
Riflemen are ranged Tier One units with a more powerful attack than archers. The base attack for Riflemen is 17-23 with a range of 300.

Infantry Edit

Level 2 (40 exp), 600 hp, 2 spawn every 13 sec
Infantry are a melee tier that spawn very quickly and have a decent attack as well as feedback. The base attack for infantry is 20-21, while feedback drains 1 mana/hp per attack on heroes and 5 mana/hp per attack on units.

Spellbreakers Edit

Level 4 (exp 85), 750 hp, 2 spawn every 14 sec
Spellbreakers are a ranged Tier three units with Feedback. The base attack damage for spellbreakers is 19-21. Their feedback drains 3 mana/hp per attack on heroes and 50 mana/hp per attack on units.

Knights Edit

Level 4 (85 exp), 1300 hp, 1 spawn every 9.5 sec
Knights are a melee tier with much higher attack damage and hit points than spellbreakers. The base damage for knights is 32-40 per attack, while feedback is equivalent to spellbreakers.

Steam Tank Edit

Level 6 (110 exp), 1600 hp, 1 spawn every 7 sec
These tanks have high hit points and a huge attack damage of 300 per hit. But they can only attack once every 4 seconds, so it is important to utilize their blink ability.