Race: Neutral/Human
Class: Intelligence
Type: AoE/Support
Strength: 17 (+2 per level)
Agility: 14 (+1 per level)
Intelligence: 20 (+3 per level)

Mystical Hero, adept at crow mastery. Can learn Crow Throw, Raven Leap, Feather Shell and Ancient Portal. Attacks land and air units.

Spells Edit

Crow Throw Edit

Crow throw

Crow Throw is a channeling spell that takes 2 seconds to channel at every level. It allows Masda to throw a group of birds at at area, damaging that area of units significantly. The area of effect for this spell is a cone shape. The closer you are to units, the wider the target area will be, but the damage will be spread out across multiple units. And if you are at the very edge of Masda's range and hit a signle unit or hero, all of the birds will hit the single target, dealing full damage to that unit. Cooldown is 13 seconds at all levels.

Level Damage/crow Number of Crows Cast Range Mana Cost
1 70 5 700 125
2 80 6 700 125
3 90 7 700 125
4 100 8 800 125
5 110 10 900 150
6 120 12 1000 150

Raven Leap Edit

Raven leap

Raven leap transform the Masda into a raven and flies him to the target area. Enemy units near the masda are awed by his transformation and their movement speed is slowed by a certain percentage. The range and effect of this spell increase with levels. The spell duration and cooldown are 15 seconds at every level.

Level Movement Speed Reduction Maximum Range
1 20% 1000
2 25% 1200
3 30% 1400
4 35% 1600
5 50% 1800
6 80% 2500

Feather Shell Edit

Feather shield

This spell casts a protective shell around the target friendly hero or unit. It absorbs a high amount of damage and converts most of it into healing points for units in a small area around the shelled unit. Duration, absorbed damage and converted percentage increases with higher levels. Mana cost is 100 at all levels.

Level Duration Percent Healing Maximum Dmg Absorbed
1 12 seconds 70% 800
2 14 seconds 75% 1200
3 16 seconds 80% 1600
4 18 seconds 85% 2000
5 20 seconds 90% 2400
6 25 seconds 100% 3000

Ancient Portal Edit

Ancient portal

Opens the Zylo Portal, allowing a mighty Chimera to fly through and raise krows from nearby corpses to parasite enemies. The Chimera has the ability to raise GiantKrows from corpses, which costs the Chimera 50 mana at all levels. GiantKrows have the Parasite ability, which inflicts enemy units with a parasite. This parasite does damage over time, and if the unit dies under the effect of the parasite, a Feathery Minion will spawn from the unit. GiantKrows damage increases at each level, while Feathery Minions damage are always 6-10. The Chimera also has a secondary ability called "Carry was Chimera". This spell is basically a single unit taunt ability. When cast on a unit, all enemy units in a 500 radius will be forced to attack the unit. This spell lasts 5 seconds and has a 20 second cooldown.

Level Health Mana Chimera Damage GiantKrow Damage
1 1000 400 67-83 11-16
2 1200 500 100-116 16-31
3 1400 600 134-150 21-36