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The racial for the Night Elf army is increased range. The stats and cost for this racial are as follows:

Level Effect Cost
1 +100 Range 500 gold
2 +100 Range 1000 gold
3 +100 Range 1500 gold
4 +100Range 2000 gold
5 +100 Range 2500 gold
Nightelf units

Tier One - Archers Edit

Level 2 (40 exp), 375 HP, 1 Spawn every 10 seconds
Archers are a ranged tier with low damage. The base damage for archers is 12-14 with a range of 500. Because archers have the lowest amount of health in the game, they are vulnerable to melee attacks and all AOE spells.

Tier Two - HuntressEdit

Level 3 (60 exp), 750 HP - 1 Spawn Every 12 Seconds
The Huntress is the second tier Night Elf unit. They have a base damage of 21-23 with bounce atk and a range of 250. Huntresses can use Shadowmeld, allowing them to become invisible during the night.

Tier Three - Druids of the Talon Edit

Level 5 (100 exp), 650 HP - 1 Spawn Every 9 Seconds
Druids of the Talon are the Level Three Night Elf Unit, with 17-19 dmg. Abbreviated as DOTTs, Druids of the Talon spawn relatively quickly, move and attack fast, and have a small collision size. They have a much higher range than huntresses. DOTTs can also utilize the Shadowmeld ability, making them invisible at night.

Tier Four - Dryads Edit

Level 6 (115 exp) - 875 HP - 1 Mana - 1 Spawn Every 6 Seconds
Dryads are the Tier 4 Night Elf units. Dryads have a 26 - 28 long base range, small collision size, and quick movement and attack speed, but suffer from a relatively low amount of health. Being ranged, multiple lines of dryads can attack at the same time, while only the front row of melee units will be able to attack. This gives dryads a good advantage over melee units.

Tier Five - GlaivesEdit

Level 7 (85 exp) - 1000 HP - 0 Mana - 1 Spawn Every 8 Seconds
Glaives are the Tier Five Night Elf unit. 165-180 attack with 850 base range

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