The Personal Shop is a hodgepodge of items deemed "too good for communal use". Items in this shop can only be bought by your own team, and are useful in a variety of circumstances.

Scepter of Destruction (1500 Gold) Edit

The Scepter of Destruction is the heavy-weight brother of the Scepter of Shockwave. This particular item has a significantly large cost for a consumable, a long stock time and a 3 second cast time when using it, but who can say no to 800 uncapped damage in a fat long line?

Periaple of Vitality (2,500 gold) Edit

Increases your hero's hp by 1000

Ankh of Reincarnation (700 Gold) Edit

The Ankh of Reincarnation is an item which brings the hero carrying back it to life 7 seconds after his death. Reincarnated heroes automatically return with up to 2500 hit points and mana. This is item is especially useful for tanking heroes whom do not already have the Reincarnation skill.

Potion of Invulnerability (250 gold) Edit

This potion is most useful for getting in and out of battle. It lasts 15 seconds but will turn off if you begin casting spells. One common use of the Potion of Invulnerability is to use it with Blademaster's Bladestorm to wreck havok amongst enemy units. Since potions can be used during bladestorm, you can cast bladestorm followed by this potion to give yourself an invulnderable bladestorm.

Shield of the Gods (1,400 gold) Edit

This item grants 350 health and 8 armor.

Tome of Next Level (1,000 gold) Edit

This item will automatically jump you to the next level.

Runed Bracers (1,400 gold) Edit

Runed Bracers reduce spell damage by 33% and grants 25% evasion.

Cloak of Immolation (1,400 gold) Edit

The Infernal Cloak grants you immolation which does 25 damage per second. The most common use is to put this hero on tanking heroes that don't already have immolation (Avalanche, Fox, Mountain King).

Amulet of Spell Shield (500 gold) Edit

The Amulet blocks a negative targetted spell every two minutes. This includes things like Entangle and Death Coil, but not Cluster Rockets or Death and Decay. This item does not stack with itself.

Tank Token (900 gold) Edit

This token summons a single siege tank for forty seconds. This item is used for destroying bases, and can benefit greatly from a Scroll of Roaaaarrrr and Jaood's Bloodlust.