Priestess of the Moon
Race: Night Elf
Class: Agility
Type: Support
Strength: 18 (+1.9 per level)
Agility: 19 (+2.7 per level)
Intelligence: 15 (+1.5 per level)

Warrior Hero, adept at enhancing ranged attacks and slaying enemies from afar. Can learn Mana Scout, Searing Arrows, Trueshot Aura, and Starfall. Attacks land and air units.

Spells Edit

Mana Scout Edit


Temporarily summons an Owl Scout, which can be used to scout the map and can see invisible units. Owl Scouts have the Mana Burn ability and can be attacked by enemies. Each level increases the strength and number of the Owl Scouts. All scouts last for 30 seconds.

Level Unit(s) Mana
1 1 Scout with 75 Mana Burn   125
2 1 Scout with 125 Mana Burn   125
3 1 Scout with 150 Mana Burn   125
4 1 Scout with 200 Mana Burn   125
5 2 Scout with 200 Mana Burn   125
6 4 Scouts with 200 Mana Burn   125

Searing Arrows Edit


Increases the damage of the Hero's ranged attack by adding fire. Each level increases the damage bonus. Searing arrows does not stack with orb effects.

Level DMG Mana
1 +15 dmg   7
2 +35 dmg   7
3 +55 dmg   7
4 +85 dmg   7
5 +105 dmg   7
6 +175 dmg   7

Trueshot Aura Edit


An aura that gives friendly nearby units bonus damage to their ranged attacks. Each level increases the damage bonus and area of effect. Note that since 6.x, aura effects still occur when a unit is invisible, so the Priestess gives off the Trueshot Aura even when shadow-melded.

Level Effect (range units) Area
1     +10% dmg   600
2     +20% dmg   600
3     +30% dmg   600
4     +40% dmg   600
5     +50% dmg   600
6     +65% dmg   600



Calls down waves of falling stars that damage nearby enemy units. The stars become more powerful with each level up. Starfall always costs 200 mana.

Level DMG/Bolt Duration Cooldown Area
1 60 dmg per star 30 seconds     150 1000
2 120 dmg per star 35 seconds     150 1100
3 175 dmg per star 40 seconds     150 1200


The PotM is a solid hero with four good, but not great (unless there are no disablers) spells. Choosing what spells to mass is very situational. Some play it conservative and mass all but the Mana Scout, whereas others live by the scout and drop either Trueshot Aura or Searing Arrows. When using the PotM as a pure hero killer, or in a game riddled with disablers, the main line is to mass all but Starfall.