Claws of Attack +20 (500 gold) Edit

These claws provide a simple boost to your attack damage. Each claw gives you a +20 boost to your attack damage, and they are stackable.

Searing Sniper Bow (350 gold) Edit

hero's attacks do 50% more damage to flying.

Orb of Frost (750 gold) Edit

The Orb of Frost gives you +6 attack and a slow effect. It will slow heroes for 1 second and units for 3 seconds. This does not stack with any other orb effects.

Orb of Static (750 gold) Edit

The Orb of Static gives you +5 attack and a chance to purge. You have a 15% chance to purge heroes, a 40% chance to purge units, and a 75% chance to purge summons. Purge deals 250 damage to summoned units and stuns all units. The stun is 5 seconds on heroes and 15 seconds on units.

Vampiric Potion (3 charges for 200 gold) Edit

Upon activation, the Vampiric Potion grants +10 bonus attack damage as well as 35% life leech for each attack for 20 seconds. The cooldown for each use is 20 seconds, so your hero can use up a Vampiric Potion back to back for one minute. The bonuses for this item may seem small, but the cost is fairly low as well, so the Vampiric Potion is worth its cost. The Vampiric Potion also has the benefit of being able to work with orbs and arrow abilities, which wasn't possible with the Mask of Death.

Scourge Bone Chimes (450 gold) Edit

The chimes provide a 15% life-steal to all melee units in an area of 900. This is effect, so it does stack with any orb effects.

Totem of Might (1,200 gold) Edit

The Totem of Might provides +10 to Agility and +5 to attack damage. This item is stackable.

Maul of Corruption (850 gold) Edit

Adds 5 bonus damage to the attack of a Hero when carried. The Hero's attacks also become ranged when attacking air and reduce the armor of enemy units by 5 for 10 seconds.

This item does not stack with other Orbs or arrow skills.

Wand of Revocation (300 gold) Edit

Removes all buffs. does not damage summons. 3 charges

Berserker's Axe (200 gold) Edit

A mighty axe that grants the bearer such force that 10% of its damage strikes through to enemies in an area of 200 around the primary attacked unit. This item works only with melee attacks and does not stack with itself.